Do cremation ashes contain DNA

human DNA

Some people want to know if DNA can be extracted from cremated remains of a human. This article will discuss what ashes are made from and if DNA can be found in them.

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What is a scattering tube for ashes

some people scatter ashes at their cottage

In this post, learn what is a scattering tube and how is it used to scatter ashes. Also learn about how it can be used to transport and store cremation ashes.

How much does a cremation urn cost?

Here's advice about how much an urn costs and the factors that affect urn prices. Plus we discuss costs for the various types of speciality urns.

How to choose a small urn for cremation ashes

If you're looking for a smaller sized urn that is designed as a keepsake urn or for infant ashes, or that features a tea light candle, this guide will help you a choose a small urn. We also include what a mini or micro urn is used for too.

How heavy are cremation ashes? Weight based on age and gender?

weight of ashes

Learn about the weight of cremation ashes, by gender, and size of a human before cremation, include weight of ashes for children and stillborn infants.

How to Choose a Cremation Urn Size

urn sizes

This cremation urn guide helps you choose an urn size and what you can expect from different types of urns.

Are Cremation Urns Sealed Shut?

open cremation urn

Find out if cremation urns are sealed shut after ashes are added or if they can be. And, under what circumstances would you want to seal ashes inside an urn.

What do with an urn after scattering ashes

repurpose a cremation urn

What do you do with a beautiful cremation urn after a funeral is over and the ashes are scattered? There are many ways to reuse it or repurpose it. Here are a few ideas.

How long do cremation ashes last?

cremation urn on mantle

Learn how long cremation ashes will last based on where they are kept or if they are scattered or buried.

What are the 10 largest cremation urns?

measuring tape

Here are the 10 largest cremation urns in Eirene's online cremation urn store. With large ash volumes they are ideal for people who choose aquamation which produces 20-30% more ashes or for larger people over 200 lbs.

What container does cremation ashes come in if you don't buy an urn?

temporary cremation urn

If you've never received cremation ashes before you might wonder what container they come in. Here is everything you need to know about temporary cremation urns.

Where to buy a cremation urn

shopping mall

Learn what companies sell cremation urns. Before the Internet you'd have to go to a funeral home. Today there are all kinds of businesses in the urn retailing business, including our online urn store.

What are ashes?

What exactly are “ashes”? This article will explain what cremation ashes are made of and how they are produced.

How to become a tree when you die

We explain everything you need to know for a person to become a tree after they die. Includes tree urns and how to use one with cremation ashes.

How to Open a Sealed and Unsealed Cremation Urn

Learn the step-by-step procedures for opening a sealed and unsealed cremation urn. We explain the difference between the two and provide opening instructions and tips.

What are ash stones or solidified remains?

What is an Eterneva Memorial Diamond and How to Order in Canada

eterneva memorial diamond

Learn what an Eterneva Memorial Diamond is, how they are made, what is needed to make one, and how to order one with the help of Eirene Cremations in Canada.

What is a Funeral Niche? How Much do Niches Cost?


Learn what a funeral niche is and what do the various types cost. Also learn when the best time to buy a niche is to save money.

Difference Between Flame Cremation Ashes and Aquamation Ashes 

Cremation ashes

Learn the difference between ashes from flame cremation and ashes that come from aquamation including ash appearance, volume and other key details.

Non-religious Quotes and Poems to Say when Scattering Ashes

poems and quotes for ash scattering

Here are some inspiring and uplifting non-religious poems and quotes that you can use as part of a speech or eulogy at an ash scattering or to incorporate into a short ceremony.

What the Bible Says About Scattering Ashes

Christian Bible

Learn what the Christian Bible and the various Christian faiths says about burial vs cremation and scattering ashes. Includes what the Vatican decreed about ash scattering and ash placement in 2016.

Prayers and Bible Passages for Scattering Ashes

Here are a selection of Bible verses and prayers suitable to be read at an ash scattering ceremony for people who have a Christian faith or for those who follow Christian traditions.

What is a Crematorium?

Learn what a crematorium is, as well as their history, and what happens at a crematorium in the cremation process.

What Does Body Disposition or Final Disposition Mean in the Context of a Funeral

In the context of a funeral, body disposition or final disposition is how a body is handled. In this post, we explore the definition and provide examples of final dispositions.

Can You Bury a Cremation Urn With a Casket

Find out if you can bury an urn with a casket either at the same time or after a casket has been buried. We provide all the answers in this post.

How to Divide Ashes After Cremation - Step by Step Guide

divided ashes

After a family receives the cremation ashes of a loved one, it can sometimes be challenging to agree on what to do with them, so dividing ashes may be necessary. This article provides guidance on how to do that.

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