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What is a scattering tube for ashes | Eirene Store

Learn what a scattering tube is and how it is used

A scattering tube is a study paper or cardboard tube used to house cremation ashes. The tubes are sometimes made of wood or bamboo. They also have a fitted lid.

A scattering tube (see options  in our store here) can be used for several purposes. Here are four ways to use a scattering tube.

ash scattering tube

1) Transportation of ashes to scattering ground:

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A scattering tube is ideal for transporting cremation ashes and is often used to carry them to a place where they will be scattered. Some people want their cremation remains scattered on a river, lake, or ocean. Sometimes the location is the family cottage or other favourite place a person spent time at during their lives.

2) Ash transportation by air

Transporting cremation ashes through airport security requires that the ash container can pass through an X-ray machine. A scattering tube works for this function because it is made of paper or cardboard (or in some cases bamboo or wicker) and will not block the ability for security personnel to inspect the tube at security checkpoints. They contain no metal.

3) Ash burial

Because a scattering tube is biodegradable, it can also be an excellent choice to house ashes that will be buried in a grave. The cardboard or paper the tube is made of will decompose over time in the ground and release the ashes into the soil as this process happens over time. If you use a bamboo or wicker scattering tube, the material will take longer to break down, but the tube will eventually break down because these are made of natural materials.

4) Ash storage container

While some people choose to buy a more ornate or decor-styled urn for display in a home, it is equally suitable to keep ashes in a scattering tube. The only consideration is that because a tube is made of paper or cardboard, it is essential to keep it in a dry indoor location. They are usually used for temporary storage, but there is no expiry, and they can be used to store ashes for a more extended period if needed.

How to use a scattering tube

A scattering tube has an outer tube and an inner tube with a lid that can be removed. The lid also has a perforation that, when pushed, will open to allow the ashes inside to be released as they are scattered and as the tube is shaken.

Start by pouring the ashes, which consist of a fine off-white powder, into the inner tube. Place that inside the decorative outer tube and close the tube with a lid. It is best to do this in advance of a scattering ceremony in an indoor space where it is dry, and there is no air movement or wind. If handling the ashes makes you uncomfortable, you can ask your funeral director to assist you with this task.

To cast the ashes, make sure the wind is flowing away from your family and friends, then hold the tube at waist height after opening the perforated distribution port in the lid and start scattering.

After the ashes are released, and the tube has been emptied, it can be recycled in any municipal waste recycling process.

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