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What is an Eterneva Memorial Diamond and How to Order in Canada

When a loved one is cremated, many people choose to keep the ashes instead of burying or or scattering them. However, some people may prefer a more tangible way of keeping the ashes of their loved ones with them. A unique way to do this is by converting the ashes into a gem -- a memorial diamond -- and wear it as jewelry. The company that offers this is Eterneva. Learn more about its memorial diamonds below.

What is Eterneva?

Did you know Eirene provides cremation services to families?

Eterneva is a company that offers a way for your loved one’s cremated remains or hair to be turned into a beautiful, personalized diamond.

The company was conceived in 2015 by founder Adelle Archer after her friend Tracey Kaufmana friend and mentor, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. When Kaufman died, Archer looked for unique and memorable ways to honour her friend’s life. However, she discovered that many of the options were less than remarkable. So, she and her partner Garrett Ozar decided to create a new way for people to remain connected to their deceased loved ones.

Eterneva began as a startup in 2017. Since its inception, the company has attracted investors such as including Goodwater Capital and Capstar Ventures. Mark Cuban’s Radical Investments also bought part of the business after its appearance on Shark Tank in 2019.

Since then, the Texas-based company has gained momentum in the funeral service industry, raising $10 million in a Series A investment round in 2021. In January, the company partnered with Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Jones to create a diamond for his father who passed away in 2021. Jones also invested his own money in the venture.

What is the process to make a memorial diamond?

The process of creating an Eterneva memorial diamond starts with the delivery of a welcome kit, which includes a video, instructions, return postage, and the tools needed to send cremation ashes to Eterneva's facility. To make the diamond, the company needs two tablespoons to a half cup of ashes, or a sample of hair. Any leftover ash or hair that is unused is returned. There may still be options if you do not have the minimum amounts. You can inquire through our team at Eirene, which is an Eterneva partner in Canada.

Once the ashes are received, the company begins the transformation from ashes to a diamond. This process takes approximately four to six weeks.

A lab-grown diamond consists of carbon (obtained from ashes or hair) and is subject to heat and pressure. The ashes or hair is placed in a graphite crucible, where it is treated to extract pure carbon. This is the starting material for the diamond.

Next, the carbon is subjected to high pressure and temperature to create a raw diamond over time. This part of the process takes about 8 to 12 weeks.

Once the raw diamond has been created, it is cut, graded, engraved, coloured, polished, and set by professionals. Then it is ready to be sent home. This takes about two to two and a half months.   

Customers can also choose to have the cut diamond returned to be set with a jeweller of their choice.  Finally, the diamond is delivered to the customer.

The customer is also sent pictures, videos, and updates each month during the entire process.  

How much does an Eterneva memorial diamond cost?

The cost of the memorial diamonds depends on the carat size and diamond colour. Larger carats require more time to grow. Similarly, other colours require an additional colouration process, which increases the price. Nonetheless, pricing begins at $2,999 USD or approximately $3850 CAD for a 0.1 carat blue, yellow, or colourless diamond.

Additional pricing can be found on the Eterneva website: Diamond Pricing. It outlines the prices for each colour and carat available. The colours include: blue, green, colourless, black, red, and yellow. The carat options range from anywhere from 0.1 to 3 ct.

How to order an Eterneva memorial diamond in Canada

You can start the process of ordering an Eterneva memorial diamond for Canadian delivery by contacting our Canada-based team at Eirene. Email us at support@eirene.ca. U.S. and U.K. customers can also work with our team if they wish.

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