How much does a cremation urn cost?

Choosing a cremation urn is often one of the most important parts of the cremation process. It will be the final resting place for your loved one, so many want to choose an urn to honour the deceased. Knowing the cost expectation ahead of time can help make this process easier. Here's a look into how much an urn costs and the factors that affect it. 

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What affects the cost of an urn?

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The cost of an urn ranges anywhere from $10 for a simple cardboard container to upwards of $2,000. These prices depend mainly on material, type, and size. However, other aspects such as design and manufacturers can also impact the cost. Below is a breakdown of these factors.

Urn materials

Urns come in many types of materials. Two of the most common choices are ceramic and wood. However, urns can also be made from metal, stone or marble, glass, and biodegradable materials. 

Ceramic urns

Ceramic urns come in a variety of colours, patterns, and textures. These urns are also low maintenance, making them a popular choice. However, although beautiful, ceramic is delicate, so you have to be more cautious when handling and to choose a location for the urn to stay. Price typically ranges from $100 to $600. 

Wood urns 

Wood urns can be made of many types of wood, such as maple, oak, bamboo, walnut, pine, cedar, etc. Wood is also easy to clean and is less delicate than ceramic and glass options.

The type of wood used for the urn factors into the price. For example, using rare woods such as mahogany usually increases the cost relative to less expensive wood options like veneer or MDF. Wood urns usually range from $40 to $500. 

Metal Urns

Metal urns are made of many materials such as aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, steel, and metal alloy. They come in a variety of colours and finishes. Similar to wood, metal is also low-maintenance and less delicate.  

The price for these urns depends on the type of metal and the purity. More resistant metals such as copper and bronze will be more expensive. While metals with a lower purity, such as an alloy, will be cheaper. Price typically ranges from $50 to $300. 

Stone or marble urns

Stone and marble urns are a popular choice for aesthetic and durability reasons. These materials, too, require minimal upkeep. Prices often range from $50 to $500. 

Glass Urns

Glass urns also come in a variety of styles and colours. Like ceramic, it is delicate, but easy to clean and maintain. 

Glass urns will often cost between $100 to $500. 

Biodegradable Urns

Biodegradable urns are made of biodegradable material, such as paper, clay, plant material, bark, wood, sand, bamboo, wicker and other substances that will naturally decompose over time. These styles are an environmentally friendly option, particularly with ashes buried or committed to a sea, lake, or river. 

The price varies depending on the type of material but often ranges from $50 to $400. 


Cost is also affected by the type of urn and the size; these often go hand-in-hand. Common urn types include adult, keepsake, infant/child, companion, and specialty.

Cost of keepsake urns

A keepsake urn is a smaller urn used to hold smaller amounts of ashes. The ashes get divided into smaller urns to be shared among members of a family in multiple locations. It is also an ideal option if some of the remains will be scattered and some will be kept.

Like the urns, keepsake jewelry typically contains a small portion of the deceased's ashes or has the deceased's fingerprint on it.

Keepsake urns will often range from $25 to $200, and keepsake jewelry usually costs between $50 and $1000. 

Cost of Infant or child urns

Infant or child urns hold the remains of a child or infant. These are typically smaller and display a theme related to children, such as angels, hearts, animals, and the like. 

Prices range from $50 to $1000.

Cost of companion Urns 

A companion urn stores the cremated remains of two people. One version has a single compartment, where remains are mixed. A double-compartment urn allows for the remains to be together but separated. 

Prices range from $200 to $1300. 

Specialty Urns

Specialty urns include veteran, artistic, custom, religious, theme, picture, and more. These urns will typically be more expensive since more customization is involved when making.

Prices range anywhere from $50 to over $2000. 

Urn Size

Larger urns will typically cost more than smaller urns due to extra time, effort, and material used to produce. Therefore, smaller choices such as keepsake and mini or micro urns will cost less than something like a companion urn which contains more than one set of ashes.

Urn manufacturers and retailers 

The manufacturers and retailers can also impact the price of an urn. For example, a smaller company making custom, handcrafted urns will likely be charging more money than a large company selling urns in bulk. Manufacturer prices will vary mainly depending on the factors mentioned above and the size and reputation of the company.

Where you buy the urn also plays a role in the cost. For example, buying online or directly from the manufacturers will likely be cheaper; however, shipping and handling may cost you more. Buying directly from a funeral home may also cost you more money as there is usually a substantial mark-up.  

Urn manufacturers and retailers can be found online or through local funeral providers. Some places to find better deals include:

  • Costco – prices range from $100 to $150.
  • Walmart – prices range from $10 to $300.
  • Amazon – prices range from $10 to $200.

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