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Where to buy a cremation urn | Businesses and resellers that sell urns

If someone in your family has died and their remains have been cremated, then you'll likely be seeking to buy a cremation urn so you can keep their ashes. If you have never bought one before, you may not know where to go to see the urn choices you have available to you. 

If you want to learn more before you buy an urn, start with this Urns for Ashes guide.

Can I buy an urn at the mall?

Did you know Eirene provides cremation services to families?

Chances are you won't find a cremation urn at your local mall in stores that sell clothing, hardware or electronics. However, you could find a flower urn at a home decor store at the mall. However, these are not suitable for cremation ashes.

If you are ready to buy an urn, then to be of service, here are eight types of places you can urn shop at today.

8 Types of Retailers That Sell Urns

1) Online Urn Store

You're reading this on a website where you can buy a cremation urn. Our company, Eirene Cremations, is a direct cremation services company (learn more here). We are not the only company that sells urns and cremation jewelry. You'll find quite a few urn sellers on the Internet. They are usually affiliated with funeral homes. 

2) Direct cremation company 

If you deal with a direct cremation company like Eirene for your funeral arrangements, then you'll also be able to buy an urn. Direct crematoriums will also be able to supply you with an urn or be able to refer you to a preferred urn reseller.

3) Funeral Homes 

Most funeral homes sell urns or can refer you to a preferred urn reseller. Typically they will offer you an urn as part of a cremation package and will have a catalog or in some cases a showroom.

4) Retailers 

Big box wholesalers like Costco cary some urn inventory, especially in the U.S. However the Canada outlets have minimal urn inventory

5) Mega Online Stores 

You can also find urns at online ecommerce stores like Walmart.ca or Amazon.ca in Canada or their counterparts in the U.S.

6) Etsy 

Yes, even the handicraft online site that showcases artists and artisans and their wares have a selection of one-of-a-kind handcrafted urns. You can see the Etsy inventory here.

7) Discount funeral depot stores 

Not everyone notices the discount funeral stores that have popped up in neighbourhood strip malls over the years, but these retailers that often call themselves "depots" sell caskets, urns and all kinds of funeral related products directly to the public. 

8) Thrift stores 

If you have been into your local second hand store then you might be surprised to occasionally see used urns. Now while that may seem odd, it is a reasonable option. These used urns have likely been donated after the ashes they contain were scattered. If you do come across one of these urns, you'll (hopefully) find them empty and clean. Thirft stores have a policy of cleaning anything they resell.

Have a question about buying a cremation urn?

Our team of experts here at Eirene is available to answer any question you might have about cremation urns and can help you find one you like. Simply email us at support@eirene.ca or call us. Our phone number is on our contact us page and we ware available 24/7.



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