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Turn Cremation Ashes into a Diamond

Memorial Diamond

Create a Diamond From the Cremated Ashes of Your Loved One or a Lock of Their Hair

One beautiful way to keep your loved one close is to create a diamond from their cremated remains or lock of their hair.

This lab grown diamond is created and is combined with a 7 to 10 month grief journey as the stone you choose is grown.  

How creating a memorial diamond works

Our diamond creator celebrates remarkable people by turning their hair, or cremated remains, into diamonds through a storytelling journey that is as special as the loved one and the diamond itself. 

The memorial diamond is grown from the carbon in your loved one’s hair or from their cremated remains. The process takes 7 to 10 months to grow.

Throughout that time, you are sent customized photos, videos and updates of the entire process. They show where your loved one's remains are is and including you in every step of this remarkable transformation. 

The goal is to create a beautiful, mobile memorial that helps your loved one’s legacy live on, and helps those grieving tell stories, start legacy projects, and honour their loved one in the process. 

How much does a memorial diamond cost?

Memorial diamond pricing starts at $2,999 and is based on the carat weight of the final diamond.

How to get started

After reading this page, if you are ready to start your memorial diamond journey, please fill in the form below and our team will contact you and explain the next steps. You can also use this form to get a question answered. 

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Why Choose a Memorial Diamond?

Our diamond creator is a company called Eterneva. As the company founders Adelle and Garrett were starting a business in the lab-grown diamond space, Adelle lost her close friend and mentor, Tracey Kaufman, to cancer. 

She quickly learned there are not a lot of good memorial options when you lose someone special. She wanted to give people a better way to memorialize their loved ones and celebrate their lives. Adelle and Garrett pivoted the company to creating real diamonds from the carbon in cremated remains, and Eterneva was born. 

people wearing memorial diamonds

Honouring a Life Well Lived

We’re blown away by the moving stories customers who choose memorial diamonds. This isn’t something you do for just anyone. Behind every diamond is the story of a remarkable connection, and an incredible life that should never be forgotten. From husbands, to kids, to parents - we hear about the most heroic beings to grace the planet. 

A Soulful Remembrance and a Crafted Experience

Receiving a precious memorial diamond is the only the final part of this journey and experience. Over the 7-10 months you work with the company, they provide videos and updates so you can see every single step in this transformation. They provide grief resources, interviews with experts, and so much more to help you find your way through the next chapter. 

From Ashes to Diamond: The Seven-Stage Journey

Once you order your memorial diamond, here is how the next seven months will unfold as your memorial diamond is created. 

Stage 1: The Welcome Kit 

This is the start of your journey, and it’s okay to be nervous, excited, or overwhelmed. Many people start the journey while their grief is very raw, and they’re not quite sure what they want yet. If that’s you, welcome! We’d love to walk with you in your grief and get to know your loved one. 

Most people start the process with a call to one of our team who will help you start your memorial diamond journey. It’s nice for you to get to know the people behind our company, and it’s so wonderful for us to get to know you before we’ve started. The call is important because we want to make sure you feel good before trusting us with your loved one. On your first call, one of our team will talk you through how our process works and answer any questions you have about the seven-stage journey. 

memorial diamond welcome kit

After the call, if you’re ready to get the process started, we’ll send you a welcome kit. It will be shipped to your house, and it will include an introductory video, booklets about our process, and some sample diamond sizes. It is important to feel sample diamonds in your hand, learn more about the process, and take the time to get a sense for what you want.

Stage 2: Carbon Extraction

Once the ashes arrive at the diamond lab, they are transferred into a graphite crucible. The crucible will go through a carbon purification process to extract the carbon from the other elements in the ashes. This Step 2 of the seven-stage journey that can take up to two months.

ash transfer 

This is first dramatic change in the journey from ashes to diamond. As Carl Sagan reminded us, “We are made of star stuff.” And carbon purification makes that clearer than anything. 

The diamond technicians send videos to you at every stage of the process, including carbon purification. You see the ashes enter the crucible, and you’ll get to see the carbon powder when the crucible is opened for the first time. You’ll get to see the ‘star stuff’ at every stage. 

Here is a quick science lesson—hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen make up 99% of the atoms in the human body. The crucible in the diamond lab separates the hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. It also produces a fine graphite carbon powder, which is used to start the diamond growing process. 

carbon in crucible

The carbon you see above, which is from the diamond lab, is in the form of graphite. Yes, like pencil tips, but so much more precious. Once lab technicians have this beautiful, sparkly carbon powder, they grind it very fine. Then, it’s time to grow a unique one-of-a-kind diamond.

Stage 3: Grow the diamond

Once we have extracted and purified the carbon from the remains, it is placed inside a machine that mimics the pressure and heat conditions under the Earth’s crust. Each individual’s carbon content is different, so everyone requires a different combination of pressure and heat to become a diamond. That means every diamond we produce is as unique as the individual it’s made from.

Stage 4: Diamond quality assessment

Once the raw diamond has completed its formation process, we conduct an X-ray-like scan to assess the diamond's quality. Our aim is to identify any inclusions present and to determine whether the diamond's shape and size will be a good fit without any visible inclusions. At this stage, our focus is on ensuring top-notch quality rather than speed, as we strive to create a flawless diamond that will be cherished by your loved one.

Stage 5: Cutting the diamond

After our rigorous quality inspection, your loved one's diamond will undergo a meticulous cutting process by our skilled master cutter. With over 45 years of experience, our cutters are highly experienced in their craft. As the cut significantly impacts the diamond's quality and brilliance, we take great care in selecting only the best cutters to work with us. The resulting diamond crystal is also polished to a beautiful sheen. The crystal is removed and using faceting tools it to cut it to your specifications.

Stage 6: Customization

Finally the diamond is set or customized (optional) to your specifications so that you can enjoy it as you envisioned it when you first decided to order it.

Stage 7: Delivery to you

The diamond is packaged and delivered to you.

Questions and Answers about Memorial Diamonds 

We only need a half cup of ashes or hair to grow a diamond. If you have less than that, don’t worry, know that a small amount goes a long way. Contact us using the form below and we’ll let you know if you have enough. Any ashes or hair we don’t use in making the diamond will be returned to you at end of the process.

2) Is financing available?
Yes you can purchase your memorial diamond and receive financing so that you only pay a month payment of as little as $181.

3) Can I used ashes that have been in my home for a whIle?
Yes, the age of the ashes does not matter. The carbon we use to craft your diamond is plentiful in all cremation ashes regardless of their age. So if your loved one recently passed or has been gone for decades, a diamond can still be made from their ashes.

Ready to order your memorial diamond? Or have questions?

If you are ready to start your memorial diamond journey, fill in the form below and our team will contact you and explain the next steps. You can also use this form to get any question answered. 

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Check the boxes that apply to you below:

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