Prepaid Arrangement Services

We help you protect the people who matter most by prepaying for your desired arrangements. You’ll speak to a preplanning specialist to determine your options, put your wishes in writing and establish a payment plan suitable to your needs. It’s that simple.

A Practical Decision for Complete Peace of Mind

We offer flexible prepaid services suited to your needs. Whether you’re making prearrangements for yourself or someone else, your peace of mind is our priority.

Pricing Plan

Preplanning and prepaying your final services allows you to document your preferences for final services while protecting the cost against the rising effects of inflation. With a prepaid funeral plan, you will never pay more for our services, no matter how much the price increases over time.


An all-inclusive service for families seeking end-to-end guidance.


+ tax

Our price includes:

  • Professional services of a licensed funeral director
  • Transfer of your loved one to our facilities
  • In-person identification of loved one (if requested)
  • Completion of all required paperwork and permits
  • A private, dignified cremation
  • Cremated remains hand-delivered to your home
  • Unlimited Proof of Death certificates for estate settlement
  • Online obituary on our memorial website
  • Essential document settlement bundle
  • CPP / OAS application guidance
  • See more on the Eirene price list
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  • Travel Protection$595

    When a death occurs away from home, whether on faraway travels or during a weekend getaway, returning a loved one home can be a costly and complex undertaking. Journey Home supports you with expert guidance and coverage of repatriation expenses if your death occurs more than 100 km from your home. Journey Home can be purchased on its own or added to an already existing plan, with one lump sum payment, or monthly payments. This provides peace of mind for a complete and thorough funeral plan.

    Prearrange From Home

    Making plans for your own funeral may feel strange, but it's one of the most helpful things you can do for your family


    Determine Your End-of-life Wishes

    Take some time to determine what your wishes are, and discuss them with our preplanning specialist.


    Arrange a Payment Plan Upfront or Monthly

    Prearrangements can be paid in full with one lump sum or with flexible payment plans up to 20 years.


    Sign a Contract to Lock-in Today’s Pricing

    You’ll sign a goods and services contract with Eirene, which will list what services are included and allow you to lock-in pricing.


    Peace of Mind That You’re All Set

    We will keep your information on file, and at the time of death, arrange details according to your plan. No stress, no extra fees.


    Simple and Secure Planning

    Eirene is a trusted, regulated provider of prepaid funeral plans. To ensure that your funds are always protected, we’ve partnered with TruStage Life of Canada and Guaranteed Funeral Deposits of Canada. With over a century of experience in funeral funding and final expense solutions, Eirene is proud to work with our financial partner to provide Canadians everywhere with a simple, affordable way to plan ahead.

    Why Pre-plan with Eirene

    Having conversations about end-of-life can be challenging. But when we plan ahead, we protect our family from emotional and financial burden at a time of loss.

    Arrange a Flexible Payment Plan
    Arrange a Flexible Payment Plan
    Eirene offers affordable pricing and flexible terms to ensure you’re covered. A payment plan can be tailored to suit your specific needs.
    Lifetime Price Guarantee, Not a Penny More
    Lifetime Price Guarantee, Not a Penny More
    Prepaying allows you to keep your loved ones protected from unexpected expenses. It’s completely guaranteed, so your family won't pay a penny more.
    Comprehensive and Secure Protection
    Comprehensive and Secure Protection
    Your money is held in a secure, independently managed product until it's needed, and claims are processed quickly, paid directly to Eirene at the time of death.

    We’re Here to Help

    Funeral preplanning is suitable for any stage of life. It is never too early or too late to take care of this emotional task for your family.
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