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Quinn-Matrix Baker

Jun 18th 1998 — Dec 16th 2022 (24 years)


Quinn-Matrix Lorenzo Baker passed away at the age of 24 on December 16th, 2022, due to complications in heart surgery, in London, United Kingdom.

Quinn was and will always be a man of intelligence, drive and soul. In his short twenty-four years, he gave a lasting impression to everyone he met and will leave a permanent mark on many lives.

Quinn was a loving friend, son, brother, boyfriend, cousin, nephew and uncle. He was a traveller, a foodie, a hard-worker, a joke-teller and an eye-roller. He carried a mature and calm demeanour and would always be the wittiest in the room, while simultaneously filling that room with warmth. Our world will forever be missing his infectious, welcoming, wholesome laugh.

For Quinn, the world was his oyster, having travelled to several places including Malta, Cyprus, Zurich, Amsterdam, Paris, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Prague, Berlin, Nassau and Budapest. He had an impressive group of friends all the way from Markham and Hamilton, to London and beyond. He was also very close with his family, even more so after the loss of his father Alrick in 2017.

After graduating from City University of London in 2020 with a Bachelor's of Laws with Honours in Law with Commercial Law, Quinn was working as a Compliance Analyst at Ardian in London (with a recent promotion to Compliance Officer). Despite having graduated during the uncertain years of pandemic, Quinn went on to build a life and career there that some people work their whole lives to begin.

We ask that you keep Quinn’s memory and legacy alive. He was a nomad. Please extend his curiosity of the world into your own lives. He was always stress-free no matter the situation. Let this serve as a reminder that things could always be worse, and to not let fear, anxiety, anger or self-consciousness limit what we are all capable of. And Quinn was always willing to try something new. That one is simple.

Rest in power, Quinn. Keep making them big moves up there.


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