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Nancy MacLeod

May 12th 1936 — Jun 19th 2023 (87 years)


The spirit of Nancy Jane MacLeod (nee Collins) unexpectedly passed from this world on Monday, June 19,2023 after a brief admission to hospital in Windsor, Ontario.
Nancy celebrated her 87th birthday on May 12,2023.
Nancy Jane is the daughter of Albert Collins,native of Laird Township, Algoma District,Ontario ,Canada and Violet Collins (nee Eichman) native of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA.
Nancy was predeceased by her husband Mado MacLeod (2018) and son Paul MacLeod (1993)and his wife Bonnie (2022). Nancy's surviving children are Michael John MacLeod of Windsor and Carrie MacLeod of North Bay. Nancy also leaves two grandchildren, Ryan MacLeod and Mathew MacLeod of Delhi,Ontario who are sons of Paul and Bonnie MacLeod (deceased).
Nancy is one of eight siblings. Surviving her are brother James Collins of Sault Ste Marie; sister Judith Collins,Brantford; sister Lee Towel,Sault Ste Marie.
Our family has lost 3 siblings in the past year.
Predeceased are: Patricia Kingshott(deceased.March.2023) David Collins (deceased.June 2016) Harry Collins (deceased January,2007) Jannette (deceased July.2022)
Special acknowledgement to the MANY nieces, nephews, cousins, & in-laws who are in the 'network' of the COLLINS, MACLEOD, & EICHMAN families and who were very important in Nancy's life.
Nancy was born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, but the family returned to Canada and the Algoma District when Nancy was about 2 months old.(1936). Nancy continued to live in Bar River and/or Sault Ste Marie until the death of her husband, Mado in 2018.
Nancy left the Bar River farm at age 15 and moved to Sault Ste Marie and worked as a waitress for several years. Nancy met the MacLeod brothers through her waitress job and via our brother Dave.
Nancy and Mado MacLeod began dating when she was 17 and they married in December,1955 when she was 19. The couple briefly lived in an apartment in Sault Ste. Marie but then moved to a severed 10 acre section on the corner of the Collins farm on Lake George Cabin Road, Bar River,Ontario. Nancy and Mado continued to reside on that section until Mado's death in 2018.
Throughout those years (approx.1956 to 2018) Nancy kept busy caring for her children and husband and helping out our mother who lived nearby until her death.
Nancy LOVE flowers. Nancy's favourite job was working at a local greenhouse in Echo Bay.Nan spent a lot of time building her own raised gardens and planting vegetables and flowers around her place.
Nancy also LOVED crafts and handicrafts. She had many interests: knitting by hand and/or by machine, sewing, crocheting, quilting, blown glass art to name a few. Nancy often sold her finished crafts at Echo Bay Christmas Sales.
Nancy's health deteriorated a fair bit in the last 5 years prior to Mado's death. But she persevered and recouped once she moved to Windsor.
Since shortly after the death of her husband, Nancy moved to Windsor,Ontario and has been happily living with her son Michael and her 'son of the heart' Marc. Michael and Marc have been exceptionally kind and generous caregivers for Nancy throughout the past 4 years.
Nancy left this world loved and contented with her life.
I,Judith, want to pay special tribute to Nancy for her caring and support to me during my highschool/teenage years. Our father had died and our mother was left alone to raise an 8 yr old (Lee) and a 13 yr old (me).
$$ were very scarce and I was just to enter highschool.
Nancy frequently purchased much needed bits of clothing for me or made things for me (a dress, a skirt etc).Despite the fact that it couldn't have been easy as she & Mado were a young couple starting out too.
Nancy usually had access to a vehicle (the MacLeod brothers were CAR CRAZY) & she was always ready to provide me with a ride when I needed it..even if she was almost always LATE. She was generous with her time.
So that is Nancy the 'good and kind' big sister.
There was also the 'evil twin'. The Nancy who WOULD NOT STOP SHOPPING AND GO HOME. 'just one more thing'
The Nancy who once she GOT AN IDEA IN HER HEAD ..it couldn't be blown out with dynamite!
There was a lot of determination and energy packed into that 4 ft 10.5 inch body!
We all love you and will miss you, Nan.
Best Thoughts. Good Travels. Love always.

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