Michael Taylor

Jul 6th 1962 — Mar 13th 2024 (61 years)


Michael Anthony Taylor, was born to Canadian Mom, Sylvia and Jamaican Dad, Michael Taylor, Snr. As a result, he felt a strong kinship towards his diverse origins, making both countries his home throughout his life.

Michael was a creative, kind and sensitive soul, who loved nature and all living things, being especially drawn to animals. He had a heart of compassion and empathy for the downtrodden and was always looking out for the underdog, always considering the meaning and purpose of life itself.

Gifted with a talent for art, he appreciated all classifications of artistic expression. He loved music and movies and being an old soul, they both had to be "oldies but goodies", to be his favourite genres. From an early age, his keen, observant eye, gave him the ability to draw well, allowing him the ability to express his innate creativity; he continued to hone his unique gift, consistently, which brought him great comfort and serenity, in his last days. Trees, were one of his favourite subjects, which he captured through his drawings, often recreating them without leaves; he interpreted these images, as symbols of tenacity and endurance, which he felt reflected his own journey, through life.

Another favourite love of Michael's was the land of his birth, Jamaica; his deep bond with his homeland, no doubt contributed to his love for nature, delicious food, the Caribbean sea and its beaches. Michael loved being on, or near the water, whenever, possible.

An adventurer, he was quite the young daredevil, encountering several, near death experiences, from his escapades; this set the stage for his determined spirit. In fact, nothing was too hard or too daunting for Michael! Whatever he put his mind to, as long as he was able to, he got it done, and got it done with grit, perseverance, diligence and excellence.

Michael, among other careers during his life, eventually pursued and embraced his preferred passion, becoming a tradesperson, in painting and carpentry. A gentle human with a keen intellect, coupled with natural born smarts, made him a person who rallied and rose to any challenge sent his way, no matter what life threw at him. He was an overcomer and did not allow the obstacles he faced, to overwhelm his kindhearted nature. A faithful and loyal friend, he gave more than he took.

During his illness, his caregivers, remarked upon, and applauded his kind, appreciative, gentle heart and polite nature, towards them. He remained strong, engaging and hopeful, until just a few days before his passing. He often remarked how truly grateful he was for all those who had touched his life over the years, especially, during his diagnosis.

Predeceased by both his parents, Michael is lovingly remembered by all who encountered him, including, a few close friends; his dear extended Charlton Family; his beloved Godmother, Jeanne; and his long time friend, Deborah and those near and far, who knew him throughout his life.

Michael's memory will be treasured and held with esteem, as we celebrate and honour his special and meaningful life.


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