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McAulay Gray

McAulay Gray Jones

Oct 16th 2001 — Nov 4th 2022 (21 years)


McAulay Gray Jones, Italy Cross, NS

Words to describe the pain of the loss of our son do not exist. On Friday, November 4, 2022, a brilliant and beautiful light was extinguished. Cruelly and without reason, we have said goodbye to the very best of us. McAulay, turned 21 years old on October 16, 2022. He was a 3rd year Commerce Student at Saint Mary’s University and was proudly completing his second co-op term at IMP Aerospace. His declared major was Marketing; however, we know he was going to be amazing and successful in whatever his chosen future career was going to be. McAulay was a natural student, who looked to learn and understand more about the world every day. It is very often he was described as wise beyond his years, because of his great capacity to just take everything in and process with both heart and reason.

McAulay loved all sports. He loved to play, watch, analyze, and bet on everything. He played a little of everything as a young boy and was always an exceptional team-mate. He played soccer for many years, and his Dad, was always his favourite coach. He truly came alive when he finally got the opportunity to play tackle football. He quickly emerged as a leader; and loved both the tactical and athletic nature of the game. His teammates became his family, and that love was reciprocated.

McAulay’s true passions were music and movies. He made it a mission to listen to and watch everything. You couldn’t put him in a box when it came to genre, everything was always weighed on the merits of its quality. If it moved him, he loved it. He was a sponge and absorbed facts, stats, lyrics, & lines like it were religion. He loved playing the guitar and was on a personal quest to see all great bands live. In the past year alone, he attended 18 live performances. Johnny Cash, Queen, The Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, he was open and alive with a good play list, and nothing was off limits. His list of favourite movies & tv were very long, but in a push would have told you that “The Departed”, “Good Will Hunting” and “The Office” ranked very high.

McAulay was creative, thoughtful, kind and funny. His love of LEGO as a little boy, never really went away, the themes shifted a little over the years but he loved to express himself through a great LEGO set. He had the most amazing sense of humour, which took many years for his peers to appreciate, but he could always make the adult in the room laugh. Quick witted and so smart, he took the measure of every room he entered, and understood he assignment without ever being told.

McAulay was a fierce friend. His circles were often small, because he was so careful to surround himself with only those that would love and support him without condition. Having been an only child, his friendships were more often sibling like in their level of care and devotion. He was very protective of those who were loyal to him, valued mutual respect, and loved to have fun with his chosen band of brothers.

When McAulay was a little boy he did a school project, and in it said, “he had a little family”. This wasn’t exactly true. He is survived & adored by his maternal grandmother, Colleen McAulay (JD McCully), Aunt Jennifer (Cameron, Carter & Sadie) Tardif, and great grandmother, Joan Hope. Paternal Uncle Patrick (Megumi & Chrystyn) Jones and great grandmother, Rita Patterson. He was loved by many more Uncles, Aunts & cousins in Dartmouth, NS; Oakfield, NS; Miramchi, NB; Toronto, ON; New York, NY; Scotland & England. In addition to his blood family, we are blessed with family we chose for ourselves and loved our son like their own. McAulay would himself count the Sinclair Family as his own and gave him two “sisters” he would love for life.

McAulay leaves behind his parents, Peter & Heather (McAulay) Jones, whose hearts will never beat the same again. The three of us, shared a relationship that can-not easily be described, and could only be felt by watching us together. There were no secrets, no filters and nothing that we couldn’t have gotten through together. We share special memories of Disney trips, concerts, & simple quiet days at home in front of the tv. You could always find him curled up with Mom, having his head scratched. Mom could never say no. Dad shared all McAulay’s interests, making him a built-in best friend, that could also “pay” for all the experiences they loved. They always had so much fun when they were together. Mom shared his tender heart, and their conversations always went deep. Often words weren’t even required, because of how well we understood each other’s hearts.

McAulay was predeceased by three grandparents. From the age of 5-10 years old, he lost maternal grandfather, James (Jim) McAulay, and paternal grandparents Patricia (Pat) & Arnold Jones. All lost their lives to cancer, and McAulay dealt with very big fears and emotions around the disease and the many forms it can take. Just last summer, his dad Peter, lost one kidney to renal cell carcinoma, which took a mental toll again for McAulay. McAulay was still dealing with the potential of his own genetic predisposition and was already preparing for lifelong screening for various cancers. It is for these reasons, & for all of the noted loves and interests listed previously, that we have established the “McAulay Jones Memorial Foundation”. In his name we hope to contribute positively to causes that would have held meaning for McAulay for many years to come. We want his legacy to live on. If you wish to make a donation in his name, please click here to be directed to the McAulay Jones Memorial Foundation - https://www.canadahelps.org/en/dn/76861?v1=true

A day of Memory & Celebration has been planned in McAulay’s honour, and will be held on Saturday, November 19th, 2022, 2:00pm at Hebbville Academy in Hebbville, NS where he attended as a student for 10 years. Messages and memorials can be directed to the Jones Family, by visiting Eirene.ca/memorials under the care and direction of Eirene Cremations.


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