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Lloyd Stone

Nov 27th 1951 — Dec 30th 2023 (72 years)


Lloyd Alexander Stone, a man whose presence filled every room he entered, has left us bereaved and heartbroken at his untimely departure on December 30, 2023. While we grieve his absence, let us remember the remarkable qualities that defined his extraordinary life and the love he showered upon his cherished family.

Lloyd was a beacon of love and devotion, with an unwavering dedication to his family. His love for each member, from his children Jefferson and Greg to his daughters-in-law Lisa Marie and Aleksandra, was immeasurable. A son to loving parents Alfred and Annie and a loving brother to John, Eileen, Shirley, Francis, Raymond and George. He took immense pride in his role as a father and embraced the joy of becoming a grandparent.

Loving his family was just one aspect of Lloyd's multifaceted character. He possessed an innate ability to lead, effortlessly guiding those around him with his wisdom and charisma. His natural wit and quick sense of humor endeared him to all, leaving us in stitches with his hilarious anecdotes and sharp-tongued banter. He was a straight shooter, never mincing his words, always giving it to you straight from the heart.
Embracing life to the fullest, Lloyd had a multitude of passions that brought him tremendous joy. As a country music enthusiast, he found solace in the melodies of George Jones and the timeless rhythm of Dale Earnhardt's racing prowess. A staunch supporter of the Montreal Canadiens, he cheered for his beloved team with unwavering loyalty. However, nothing could compare to the elation he experienced while watching his children and grandchildren chase their dreams on the sports field.

Lloyd's unyielding work ethic was a testament to his unwavering determination. A true example of perseverance, he never backed down from a challenge and refused to accept defeat. Whether it was his commitment to his family or his professional endeavors, he worked tirelessly, leaving no stone unturned. His relentless dedication serves as an inspiration for us all.

Lloyd's ability to connect with people through conversation and laughter was unparalleled. Countless memories were made over shared stories and jokes, and his infectious laughter would undoubtedly echo in our hearts. He had a flair for bringing joy to every gathering, effortlessly lighting up the room with his presence and let’s not forget he is, Mister Always Right.

As we mourn the loss of Lloyd Alexander Stone, let us remember not only the profound impact he had on our lives, but also the indelible mark he left on our hearts. He will be dearly missed, but his memory will forever remain a guiding light of love, strength, and unwavering determination.

Lloyd will be dearly missed by his children Jefferson and Greg, his adoring daughters-in-law Lisa Marie and Aleksandra, and his common-law wife Maureen and her mother Mary Downes and Family.. His grandchildren and family’s, Melanie and Trevor, Madison, Brandon, Brooklyn, Cindy, Logan, Sarah, Cassie, Nathalie, Christian, Allesandro and Annalisa. Loved and missed by many nieces, nephews and family and friends in Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Ontario, they will forever carry his spirit in their hearts.
Love you Dad, Pops, Poppy, you will be dearly missed and forever loved


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