John Paul Michael

John Paul Michael Flick

Jun 22nd 1981 — Feb 6th 2024 (42 years)


If you are reading this, I John Paul Michael Flick, born June 22, 1981, of Middle Sackville, NS. am writing this to
inform you that my time on earth has come and have gained my wings to watch over my loving wife Cindy and our
five children, Trenton, Nicholas, Madison, Cody and Alyssa.
I have had a long rough road with end stage lung disease and would never thought at 42 -years-old I'd have to even
think about writing something like this and put my family through the unthinkable. I would not have made it this
far without the love, devotion, care and support my wife always showed me. From the first day we met till my last
Cindy, you were and will always be the love of my life, my rock and my soulmate. The greatest day was when you
became my wife. Remember the love that we share to get you through this. I just wish I had more time to do all
the things we had planned. So, take that trip to Vegas or to sit on a warm beach. Hold on to all the memories we
made close to your heart. I will always be with you watching over you. I love you always and forever baby.
Trenton, Nicholas and Madison you are my greatest blessing, I am so lucky to be your dad. I am and will always be
so proud of you and will be watching over you, trying to lead you on the right path in life. Aim high and achieve
your dreams. I love you all so very much, don't ever forget it.
Cody and Alyssa, you may not have been biologically mine but in my heart you were. I love you both just the same.
I am proud of you both and you will be great at anything you do.
To all my 5 children never give up and follow your dreams, land that awesome job, find your soul mate like I have
with Cindy, get married, have kids and always remember I’ll be right there through it all.
To my parents Mike and Karen, thank you for everything and accepting me with open arms as your son. I will be
forever grateful for the love you have always given me. I am so proud to be your son. I love you both mom and dad.
To Carmel, Wayne and Jason thank you for accepting myself and my children into your family, it meant the world
to me.
Allan, you are the best friend a guy could ask for. You were always willing to help in any way you could. Dropping
everything to help my family when they needed it the most. I'll miss ya man.
Emilie thank you for being the best friend Cindy could ever have and being there for her. I will miss you.
Thank you to everyone at Lockview Medical Clinic where Cindy worked. You all went above and beyond to help in
any way you could. Cindy is lucky to have such great support and caring people to work with. Your good deeds did
not go unnoticed, and she made a great friend, Kayla, in the process.
Aidan, Charlotte and Xavier Unkie John will never forget you, I'll miss ya kiddos
Thank you to all the Palliative Care staff, Dr. Jones for everything you have done over the last 6 months from the
home visits and calls.
To the rest of my family and friends, coworkers at Regroup thank you all for everything,
PS: As I re read this with tears in my eyes and Cindy by my side I know that i was truly loved and have so many
memories to hold on to and cherish as do all of you.
All I ask is that you don't mourn me but celebrate the memories.
To Cindy, Trenton, Nicholas, Maddy, Cody and Alyssa just remember one thing I may not be with you physically
but will always be with you no matter where life takes you. If you find yourself missing me, think of a memory that
made you smile or laugh and hold on to that. Just always be there for one another no matter what.
It is not goodbye but till I see you again. Death is never an end but a to be continued...
John Paul Michael Flick
AKA Monk

No funeral service at Johns request, a celebration of life will be held at a later date. Donations may be made to the Palliative Care NS or to the family

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