David Losey

Feb 13th 1971 — Oct 12th 2022 (51 years)


David Leon Losey February 13, 1971 - October 12, 2022

We, the family, are broken-hearted to share the passing of David Losey. He peacefully passed in Halifax Hospice October 12th surrounded by his family. David is survived by his wife Toni Losey and children Eliya Losey and Quinn Losey; by his parents Dan Losey and June Losey and his sister Dana (Losey) Brierton. He also leaves behind in-laws Nigel and Collette Lacey, Tabitha Burr, Christopher Lacey, Megan Lacey and so many well loved nieces and nephews, friends, colleagues and extended family in not only his hometown of Dartmouth, NS but throughout, Calgary, Edmonton, Ontario, Quebec, Canada and the US.

David wanted me to start this by saying “to make a long story short,” definitely David’s humour. Pretty sure he started every story this way and trust me none of them were ever short! David’s story is no different, he filled his life with all the love, joy, growth and kindness he could manage; he made his short story as long as he possibly could by filling it with what mattered most to him.

David loved being around people. He always enjoyed interacting with them, hearing their stories and what was going on for them. His friends, coworkers and family all knew this about him. But it was David’s family that was everything to him. He put us above all else. Those who were close to us throughout David’s cancer journey saw his grace and bravery as he faced his diagnosis and also his resolute desire to help his family face and accept his sickness and eventual death.

Through love and consideration, he helped us all accept the loss of this man we all continue to love so much. What strength of character it requires to guide your family and friends through your own life’s last journey. So often the narrative surrounding cancer uses the metaphor of losing the battle to cancer. David did not lose, David was triumphant. He ensured that the time he had left focused on what he cared about most, he spent this time with his family - he gave us everything he had. His final weeks were spent in hospice, such a strange place to be. The care is beautiful but knowing the intent is to spend your final days there as others pass away around you is a difficult reality to come to terms with. I remember saying to David, “how is it possible that this place we were so scared to come to has somehow been filled with so many moments of joy and laughter?” This was David, he made that happen, just as he always had in all parts of our lives, this was his goal always, he made all of us better for knowing him.

Shortly before David passed, I asked him what he wanted his obituary to say. He very quickly moved off of listing the standard accomplishments the world tends to prize (though of those he had many). It was so simple what he shared but it was so absolutely David, and it is what made his life so beautiful.
“I love being active, hiking, biking, running… I found so much joy from just being outside and being with my family. The best times I had was when my family was with me. Walking the dog (Cooper), going on hikes, really loved biking with Toni, because it was something we could do together, and we love being together. If there is a theme to my life it is connecting with my family.

"Really proud dad, I’m really excited to watch my kids grow, make their choices, decide what they want to do with their lives, discover who they want to be. I have loved every minute with them and know they both are such incredible people.

"Even though these last few months, weeks, days have been difficult, by really focusing on the time we have to spend as a family, to connect, to be together, it has been such a gift to have this time to say goodbye.
"I am very thankful to have a strong family to help support me through this time. I am so sad to miss the opportunity to see how they grow and what they are able to accomplish because I know it will be so much.” -David

In lieu of flowers, it would be appreciated if donations be made to a fund for David and Toni's children, Eliya and Quinn Losey, as they navigate this new world without their dad.
Donations can be made through email to Losey.fund@gmail.com


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