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Ben Brennan ( Ketch Harbour, N.S.)

Jun 16th 1993 — Apr 5th 2023 (29 years)


Ben Brennan, our precious son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend to many, passed on April 5, 2023. Ben is survived by his father, Ernie Brennan, mother, Nancy Saunders, brother Garret Brennan (Meaghan Pollock), and Grandmother, Vera Saunders (Ed MacDonald), several uncles and aunts, cousins and countless friends. Ben had a lifelong love of art, music, reading and writing. He was extremely talented, a brilliant student and completed the Recording Arts Program at NSCC and was studying English Literature at the University of Kings College. He recorded, mixed and engineered many EPs, and Albums for various bands in Nova Scotia over the years. Ben had the most beautiful smile, infectious laugh and was in his element when he was jamming or performing music with his friends. Ben played in a variety of bands, in Halifax and toured across Canada and European Countries. He was incredibly generous in sharing his knowledge and talents, in the humblest way. Ben loved to hike near the ocean and the peacefulness of being in nature. Ben was kind and compassionate and would help anyone. Ben is grieving with us, as he would have never made a decision to leave us all here without him, if he had been healthy. He had such deep love for all of us. We will forever love you, remember you and hold you deep in our hearts Ben. If you wish, a donation may be made to the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia, or a charity of your choice, in memory of Ben but most importantly remember him always and give love and kindness to everyone, as he did. A celebration of Ben's life will be planned and advertised in the coming weeks.


Ben grade 1
Brotherly love
Ben high school graduation; honors with distinction
Back: Papa, Stevie, Jean-Eva, Nana Front: Ben,. Garret, Kara
Ben and traveling Canadian bands
Ben loving nature
Sewn Eyes : Ben Brennan, Andrew Benoit, Ben Leathem, Josh Hanusiak, John Walsh
Ben, 29th Birthday with Garret
Nana's Birthday; Kara, Jean-Eva, Nana, Garret Front: Ben, Meaghan
Garret, Nancy, Ben ; annual Mothers Day Hike
Ben at Brittni's wedding Hatfield Farms
Ben 29th Birthday
Ben in his element
Ernie, Ben (2 1/2) , Nancy, Garret
Garret, Ben, Ernie
Mothers Day hike, Ben, Gar, Ern
Back: Nadean, Kara, Stevie, Brian, Ben Ernie, Garret, Ed, Stephen, Jean-Eva,  Front: Vera, Nancy, Angela, Karen
Stevie, Amy, Kara, Jean-Eva, Brittni, Ben, Garret
Amy (with Jace in her belly), Stevie, Brittni, Jean-Eva, Garret, Ben, Amanda, Kara, Nik    and Jock the dog       (Milligan, Boyd, Gass, Brennan, Brison cousins)
top: Garret, Victoria, Ben  Bottom: Ben, Victoria, Ben, Alex
Ben 2, Ernie, Garret 4 months
The Rockies; Nancy Ernie, Garret and Ben 1999
Garret and Ben  14 and 16
Victoria, Gar, Ben Below is Gar, Nancy and Ben
Ben and Aaron Best Buds
Ben and Jessie
Ben and Tri
MacDonald family Reunion; Gallants, MacNeill's, MacDonalds, Brennans. Cousins : Victoria, Alex, Ethan, Lauranne, Alec, Beth ( Kevin) Aunties Joan ( Lee) Bonnie ( Gerald) Dianne ( Dewy)
Garret Brennan (3), Niall Henry (3), Ben Brennan (5) and John Dale (3)
The Brennan Brothers Rockin' it Out at 10 and 12 yrs; Garret on Bass, Ben on Guitar
Rachel, Ben Dave, Tri : Surveillance
Ben in the "zone"
Ben Niall Garret (with classic Mohawk) at open mic night Library 2005

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