Amanda Loose

Apr 25th 1979 — Apr 19th 2024 (44 years)


Amanda was born in St. Paul, Alberta to a teen mother from the Saddle Lake Cree Nation. Her future adoptive parents had a baby at the same hospital just the day before and this is where her adoption began to fall into place. Alan and Cheryl Loose set out to adopt Amanda (then known as Amelia) and she soon joined their family. Amanda faced many challenges from a young age that continued through her life. She was spirited, fiery and knew how to get into mischief but she was generous, had a good heart and would help someone in need. She was a talented artist, especially in drawing, and created many amazing pieces of artwork during her younger years. She dreamed of doing art as a career. Amanda also loved music and was a talented singer. She participated in many choirs as a young person and took every opportunity to sing in front of people. When Amanda turned 18, she reconnected with her birth family in Saddle Lake which brought her contentment. She liked to visit her siblings, nieces and nephews within both her families. As Amanda got older, she was hindered with many more challenges, obstacles and hardships that would make a successful life difficult to attain. She has been and always will be missed.

Amanda is predeceased by her mother, Cheryl (Mackenzie) Loose. She is survived by her father, Alan Loose, sisters Heather Loose and Gail McCready, and brother Richard Loose.


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