7 Ways to Save Money When You Die - Do You Know How Much a Funeral Can Cost?

Mallory J Greene
Mallory J Greene
June 12th 2024 - 4 minute read
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Planning ahead for your end-of-life matters is practical and saves you and your loved ones a considerable amount of money. Here are seven smart ways to cut costs when it comes to your final sendoff.

Death is an inevitability that we often avoid thinking about or preparing for until it's too late. However, getting your affairs in order and planning ahead for your end-of-life matters isn't just practical - it can also save you and your loved ones a considerable amount of money during an already difficult time. The reality is that funeral costs have been rising steadily, with the average traditional funeral now exceeding $7,000. If you want to spare your family from burdensome expenses after you're gone, it's wise to start making plans and saving up sooner rather than later. Here are 7 smart ways to cut costs when it comes to your final sendoff:

1. Consider Cremation Over Burial

One of the biggest line items for funerals is the cost of a burial plot and internment fees, which can run into the thousands in many areas. Cremation provides a much more affordable alternative, allowing you to skip pricey cemetery costs. Cremation services from a provider like Eirene can cost less than $1,000 for a straightforward direct cremation.  

2. Select a Simple Cremation Container

In the cremation process, the body is cremated in a simple combustible container rather than an expensive casket. Most cremation providers give you the option of using either a basic container they provide or supplying one of your own like an unfinished wood box. Avoiding ornate, expensive caskets can save your family thousands.

3. Have a "Celebration of Life" Instead of Funeral

Rather than paying for an elaborate formal funeral at a church or funeral home, consider having a less costly memorial service or "celebration of life" at your home, a park, restaurant or other sentimental location. This allows you to gather with loved ones in a more relaxed atmosphere on your own terms.

4. Opt for Direct Cremation

With a direct cremation, there is no embalming, visitation or use of a facility involved - the cremation occurs soon after death, without any preceding ceremonial events. This offers maximum simplicity and value. Providers like Eirene specialize in affordable direct cremation packages that include transporting the deceased, completing paperwork, and cremation itself for one low upfront cost.

5. Purchase a Plot in Advance

If you do wish to be buried, you can lock in current rates for cemetery plots and plan transfers of deeds while you're alive. This prevents family from having to purchase plots at inflated future costs after you've passed. Many cemeteries offer interest-free payment plans if you'd like to space out the expense over time as well.

6. Choose Affordable Options Like Eirene or Join a Cremation Society

Many cities have nonprofit cremation societies that members can join for low annual fees to access contracted discount cremation rates. Affordable cremation providers like Eirene also offer simple, dignified direct cremation services at a fraction of the cost of traditional funeral homes.

7. Preplan Your Funeral with Places

No matter which path you choose, the easiest way to lessen the financial burden is to proactively preplan and prepay for your arrangements through an affordable provider like Eirene. Their simple online tools let you document your wishes and setup a payment plan to cover everything upfront.

As you can see, careful pre-planning presents many opportunities to pare down expenses and spare family from dealing with unexpected funeral sticker shocks during an emotionally draining period. More affordable and dignified options like simple direct cremation through providers like Eirene are allowing people to take control of these once-exorbitant costs.  

No matter your choices, the key is to start making arrangements and setting aside dedicated funds now - both as a gift to your loved ones and an investment in celebrating your life without saddling anyone with undue financial stress. A little preparation can go a long way towards affording you and your family a calmer, more commemorative experience when the time comes to say goodbye.

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