How to Find Saskatchewan Obituaries

Daniela Fortino
Daniela Fortino
March 4th 2024 - 12 minute read
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Learn how to find Saskatchewan obituaries. Here are tips and tricks on locating a death notice of someone who has died in the province

If you are looking for a Saskatchewan obituary, they can be found in many different locations, from newspaper archives, to online memorials sites, and in some cases even trade publications (if a person was known in a particular industry). But this makes finding a specific obituary challenging. Below, we provide tips and tricks for finding obituaries in Saskatchewan, including to find death notices and obits in some Saskatchewan cities, like Regina and Saskatoon.

Common places to find obituaries in Saskatchewan

Obituaries can be published in print, posted online, or even broadcast on local TV and radio stations. Most new obituaries are posted digitally and are easily accessible to friends and family. Older death notices may be more challenging to find, but the search also usually begins online, as many records have been transferred to online databases or archives.

When searching for an obituary, having as much personal information about the deceased person is helpful. This includes their name, date of birth, location of birth, where they grew up, date of death, names of relatives, etc. Additional information will help in narrowing the search. However, typing names and dates into search engines like Google or Bing may still produce very broad results, requiring that you wade through hundreds of entries before finding the obituary you want.

Therefore, starting the search in a place tailored to local obituaries can be helpful. For example, Eirene operates in Saskatchean and has a free obituaries site.

Listed below are familiar places to find Saskatchewan obituaries and tips for searching for hard-to-find obits, especially in cities like Regina and Saskatoon.

Obituary database or archives

Several online databases or archives aggregate local and international obituaries spanning hundreds of years. These may be obituary-specific databases or genealogical-based resources that contain obituaries.

Most of these databases are free to use. However, some charge a fee or require a membership or special permission to access. Some may also be limited on how far back they go. Examples of Canada-specific or Saskatchewan-specific databases are discussed below.

Some databases are selective regarding spelling, names, and dates. Some general tips to help troubleshoot potential issues include double-checking spelling, broadening the search (e.g., searching within the country instead of a specific province), and ensuring dates are correct or leaving dates blank if uncertain.

Necro Canada/Canadian Obituaries

Necro Canada is a free, permanent archiving service for Canadian obituaries. Death notices are available in English and French from 2018 to the present. Obituaries from before 2017 can also be found on the site but are limited.

To search for an obituary, click the search button in the top menu of the webpage and type in the deceased person's name. Alternatively, visitors can click on the year a person died (in the top menu) and type in their name in the search bar on the right side of the page.

Obituaries can also be condensed by province using the drop-down menu on the site (found on the right side of the page, underneath the search bar). This leads to a page for death notices in the province (e.g., Saskatchewan). The search can be further condensed by city. Click the "click to show town" button at the top of the page to bring up a list of cities in the province (e.g., Saskatoon).

Le Necrologue

Le Necrologue is a web database for Canadian obituaries published in English and French. The website also provides commemorative pages that family or friends can purchase ($125 CAD) and customize to memorialize their loved ones.

Obituaries can be found using the search bar in the menu at the top of the page. Notices can be searched by first or last name, funeral home, or city. Obituaries are also categorized by province and can be further refined by region and city. The regions listed for Saskatchewan include:

  • East Central
  • Northern Saskatchewan
  • Regina Area
  • Saskatoon Area
  • Palliser's Triangle

Tribute Archive

Tribute Archive published obituaries from Canada and many other countries around the world. The website also provides a funeral home database, blog, end-of-life resources (e.g., industry news) and a memorial tree program.

Obituaries can be found by typing your loved one's name in the search bar on the front page. Then, click "Advanced Search" to refine results by first, middle, and last name, state/province, city, date, and keyword. There are over 50 cities listed for Saskatchewan.


Echovita is an obituary database that publishes obituaries from Canada, the United States, New Zealand, and Australia. The website also allows loved ones to create an obituary for free and provides resources such as a funeral home database, end-of-life advice (e.g., a blog), and an online shop (e.g., to send sympathy flowers).

To find an obituary, first, make sure you search in Canada by changing the location in the drop-down menu in the top left corner. Next, scroll down on the front page to the search bar with space for the deceased person's name and city name. The name slot can be left blank if searching for available obituaries within a specific city (e.g., Regina).

Saskatchewan Residents Index

The Saskatchewan Residents Index is a program through the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (SGS) to index the names in local collections and archives listing Saskatchewan residents.

Visitors can search the index by providing information such as name and event (e.g., birth, death, marriage, etc.). This will produce limited results (SGS members can access more information). However, this can be a starting point for people who have some information about a family member but need more to find the obituary.

For example, if they have their first name and date of birth, the index can help them find the individual's last name, which can then be plugged into one of the databases listed above.

Other useful obituary databases include:

Funeral home websites

Many funeral homes have an obituary or memorial section on their website. The fee for posting varies but is often free or included in the company's funeral service package. However, some sites may charge a small price to post. Additionally, posting may be limited to those that have chosen services for their loved one with the funeral provider.

Eirene offers a free online memorials its website. It also provides a simple and free online Obituary Writing Assistant to help family and friends write an obituary for their loved one. Fill in the fields and click create to automatically write an obituary that can be used online or in print (learn more).

Social Media

Social media is another good place to find obituaries or memorials. These can be made independently and posted privately or publicly on personal accounts. In addition, dedicated groups, pages, or hashtags may be made, allowing anyone who knew the deceased to post in their memory. Friends and family may also turn to social media to share memorial pages or obituaries published elsewhere or to share funeral arrangements details. Many platforms can be used, but common ones include Facebook, Instagram and

Obituaries in Saskatchewan news outlets

Most online and print news outlets or newspapers have an obituary section. The costs vary but are usually affordable and may be included in a funeral package. The provider may also submit an obituary on behalf of their clients. Notices can also usually be submitted and paid for directly.

Some websites cover news across Saskatchewan or aggregate local news outlets. Examples include Sask Today and Sask Now.

Sask Today

Sask Today is an news aggregation website featuring articles from 12 media sources (found here) from the province's Central, Southern, and Northern regions. Notices can be found in the obituary section on the top menu. The page links the contributing papers but states that Sask Today will change to a regional obituary notice page in a few weeks. Visit Sask Today's obituaries here.

Sask Now

Sask Now is a news website covering general stories from Saskatchewan and Canada. The news and obituaries can also be divided into sections covering the following areas:

Obituaries by City in Saskatchewan

Below we have listed obituary resources found in ten of the most populated cities in Saskatchewan.

Saskatoon obituaries

Here are some places to find Saskatoon obituaries.

Tip: Be sure to also search for online obituaries at funerla home websites in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Regina obituaries

Here are some places to find Regina, Saskatchewan obituaries.

Tip: Be sure to also search for funeral home online obituaries in Regina, Saskatchewan

Prince Albert obituaries

Here are some places to find Prince Albert, Saskatchewan obituaries.

Tip: Be sure to check funeral home website obituaries in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Moose Jaw obituaries

Here are some places to find Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan obituaries.

Tip: Many Moose Jaw funeral homes also list obituaries on their websites.

Lloydminster obituaries

Here are some places to find Lloydminster, Saskatchewan obituaries.

Tip: Also check the websites of funeral homes in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan:

Swift Current obituaries

Here are some places to find Swift Current, Saskatchewan obituaries.

Yorkton obituaries

Here are some places to find Yorkton, Saskatchewan obituaries.

North Battleford obituaries

Here are some places to find North Battleford, Saskatchewan obituaries.

Warman obituaries

Here are some places to find Warman, Saskatchewan obituaries.

Weyburn obituaries

Here are some places to find Weyburn, Saskatchewan obituaries.

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