Cremation Cost: What Can You Expect to Pay in Canada?

Anita Chauhan
Anita Chauhan
January 26th 2024 - 8 minute read
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Cremation cost in Canada varies largely depending on which company is used. We outline the fees to expect for a basic cremation funeral in each province.

Few people fully understand cremation cost across Canada until they have to put a loved one to rest and then they are faced with the complexity of how fees are calculated for a cremation package. In this post we cover what to expect and what the cost is in each province.

Cremation cost by province in Canada in 2023

A cremation funeral is made up of several components that all tallies to a single amount. We itemize these cremation funeral line items below. However here is the bottom line.

The cost for a cremation funeral in 2023--whether it's held in Nova Scotia or any of the Atlantic provinces through Ontario and Quebec and all the way west to Alberta in British Columbia – is $2,000 to $6,000 + HST. The price variability is impacted by which end-of-life services are include by the funeral provider. If you see a lower price quoted by a provider in that range you'll like discover that additional fees find their way into the final bill.

Note that CBC Nova Scotia reported on this topic in 2017 by surveying 33 funeral homes and reported a lower range of $1500-$5500 + HST, which several years later is outdated.

This CBC radio article from 2020 suggests a range of $2,000 to $5,000 for a basic cremation in Canada. Add in a visitation and embalming, as well as interring ashes at a columbarium, and a cremation funeral can climb by $2,000 to $5,000 to up to $10,000 or more.

(To validate these numbers, our editorial team spot checks online pricing in each province from a variety of providers to ensure regional cremation costs are in line with this average.)

What is the cost of cremation in each province?

For cremation information for each province include cremation cost by province, see below,  if not yet available, check next closest province as cremation price ranges are similar across Canada:

Eirene's cremation cost

Here at Eirene Cremations we offer cremation, aquamation, and the option to pre-pay for our services. Our all inclusive direct cremation packages are designed to be affordable, include all needed products and services and exclude any unwanted budgetary surprises. We created them to reduce stress on grieving families and provide comfort in knowing that your loved one is in good hands. We offer packages, suited to your needs. And the price you see is exactly what you’ll pay - no surprises.

How to plan for end-of-life cremation costs

There is never going to be a one-size-fits-all solution that meets your unique cremation or burial needs. There are a myriad of things that need to be accounted for when you are making end-of-life decisions and the costs vary depending on your needs, wants and choices.

Generally, after-death costs can amount to as little as $2,000 but can run as much as $20,000+ depending on if burial or cremation is selected. Now those are the two ends of the spectrum. On average the overall cost can amount to around $8,500, which includes funeral home mark-ups, and memorial service add-ons.

While cost varies depending on what choices you make, the truth is that end-of-life arrangements can be costly and the final bill is usually more than many people budget for.

Depending on what you’re looking for for your post-death decisions, here is our list of some of the more common end-of-life arrangements that you will have to decide and plan for. Many of these prices are approximate and will change depending on your location and preferences.

Cremation costs by category

Here is a summary of cremation costs broken down into the component line items you will pay for a cremation funeral. Details about each item follows this list.

  • Professional fees: $200-$1000+
  • Transfer service fees: $100+
  • Storage or sheltering fees: $300
  • Preparation of the body: $125-550
  • Caskets and urns: between $0-$3,500
  • Traditional or formal ceremonies: from $3,000 upwards
  • Cost of Cremation $500-600 - (as a comparison, burial services are $2,000+)
  • Cost to bury ashes: $2500+

Professional Funeral Fees: $200-1000+

This fee typically includes the guidance, planning, logistics and paperwork (death certificates) provided by a funeral director. This number can vary drastically. Some companies will pad this price and reduce the markups on other products.

Any death must be legally registered, which allows for death certificates to be issued. The documentation is needed when applying for benefits, bereavement time, claiming insurance, and are needed to settle a person's estate. Costs depend on your location and the number of certificates needed.

The average funeral home usually includes 5-10 death certificates. To get a registered death certificate, you need to order one through your city. A provider like Eirene can help.

Transfer service cost: $100+.

While the transfer fee definitely varies (based on the municipality you live in, how many transfers you need and the distance involved for each transfer. For each time the body must be moved (i.e. from the morgue to the crematorium).

Storage cost: $300

This fee is for temporary storage of a body while paper work is being completed and before cremation can be conducted.

Preparation of the deceased: From $125-$550

Preparation of the body for funerals and viewings can cost more than you expect. This service consists of cleaning and bathing the body and adding necessary adjustments to help the deceased look more presentable. Also included, but not always necessary or required is embalming (a way to preserve the body in between death and visitations).  Note that embalming is not legally required to prepare your loved one, and likely not necessary if your viewing is within a week of death

Caskets and urns: Between $0-$3,500.

Depending on whether you want an urn following a cremation or a casket for burial, in an ornate, plain or traditional style, your costs will vary. Some cemeteries may allow a body to be interred with a shroud instead of an expensive casket, which can help reduce costs. In the same vein, some direct cremation services will give you a temporary container so that you are free to buy your own casket without the mark ups.

Traditional or formal ceremonies: from $3,000 upwards depending on what you choose.

A service that includes visitation, a memorial and the funeral including funeral home staffing and food and refreshments can add a substantial amount to your costs. If you wish to avoid a cost like this, purchasing a direct cremation with a service such as Eirene can help you save as much as $15,000+ on funeral costs by simply paying for cremation and planning your own intimate and private service at home.

Cost of cremation ($500 to $600) or burial services: $2,000+

Both cremations and funeral services come with high costs. Not to mention the burial plots or niches that you will need to buy if you opt for the interring method for end-of-life arrangements. This can cost around $5,000 with a full service and transfers.

On the other hand, direct cremations are the simplest and most cost-efficient way to manage these arrangements, and an increasing amount of people are opting for this route to save time and resources. A simple, respectful cremation will cost $500-600. Buyer beware! When going to a funeral home to plan your arrangements, make sure that the cremation cost has been built into the total cost of your funeral package.  Sometimes the cost of a cremation does not include the actual cremation.

Cost to bury ashes: $2500+

Some people choose to cremate their loved ones and then bury the ashes in a plot. The cost to inter ashes can include not only the cremation but the plot, the grave marker or monument (if you choose to purchase this), landscaping and a myriad of other costs. To bury your loved one’s remains in a private cemetery with all the bells and whistles will cost you up to $2,500.

While all of these costs, laid out like this can be a bit daunting, one thing remains true: you can make the choice to choose something that can save you time, effort and headache by choosing direct cremation.

Cremation services at Eirene include everything you need to give yourself or your loved one the end of life arrangements they deserve.

Ask cremation cost questions or make cremation arrangements

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