Introducing Eirene Online Memorials: A Simple, Free Way to Share Your Most Cherished Memories

Marina Morgan
Marina Morgan
November 9th 2021 - 5 minute read
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Learn about Eirene's memorial website including how it works, the features, and why memorialization is important.

Marina Morgan

Those who have suffered a loss or a tragedy know that working through the many emotions that accompany grief is a lifelong journey. There is no magic formula that can fill the void that is left after losing someone, although the power of storytelling and community have proven to help metabolize grief overtime.

Historically, memorials and obituaries have provided a sanctuary for acknowledging and mourning the death of a loved one. In a lot of ways, memorials were (and still are) centred around helping communities process the loss of an individual by saying “the loss of this person has affected us all, in one way or another” and often serve as a reminder that we are seldom ever alone in our grief. Memorials have managed to establish a sense of comfort and community after losing people who have had a meaningful impact on our lives.

In recent years, we have seen a shift in the way many people choose to memorialize their loved ones. The introduction of online memorials have helped families around the world connect, and share cherished memories of the deceased in a collaborative and dignified way. They offer the ability to “memorialize in a public place, where anyone can visit at any time, without imposition to others, and without interruption to themselves”.

At Eirene, we understand the significant role that memorializing your loved one (digitally or otherwise) plays in the grieving process. That’s why we want to help Canadians honour their loved ones in a special way, without adding to funeral or memorial expenses. In our efforts to make grief support more accessible, we created a simple and collaborative place where you, and those closest to the deceased, can share your most cherished memories - at no extra cost, whether you use our services or not.

We’re launching Eirene Memorials to ensure every life is honoured beautifully.

A Lasting Way to Memorialize

Unlimited Photo and Video Uploads

An essential part of memorialization is acknowledging that every person has a unique relationship to the deceased and their own stories to share. With Eirene’s memorial platform, we’ve created a space where you can upload all of your most cherished memories and moments.

While many existing memorial platforms allow users to access free versions of their website where they can upload photos and videos of the deceased, there are often limitations on the amount of content that can be uploaded unless you upgrade to a paid version.

Our intention is to help you create a lasting memorial that affords those closest to the deceased a permanent place to reminisce without having to choose which memories are worthy of memorialization.

Sharing Cherished Memories and Condolences

Reminiscing on cherished memories and stories of the deceased with family and friends can serve as a healthy reminder that we are seldom ever alone in our grief. Oftentimes, the stories we share of our loved ones can provide us, and those closest to them with moments of joy during an emotional time. That’s why we have ensured that every memorial profile has a space where family and friends can leave kind messages, memories, or condolences.

Notify Friends & Family of the Deceased's Passing

At Eirene, we understand that the days, and weeks that immediately follow a loss are filled with emotions, stress, and never ending tasks. Being tasked with sending individual messages to family and friends to inform them of the passing can be an overwhelming process. Primarily because we often have a hard time finding the right words to communicate such devastating news.

Our memorial platform syncs with your email so that you can draft a single message to send to multiple parties. We’ve even included an optional message template for those who may struggle with finding the right words during a time when emotions are running high.

Send Flowers

Understanding how to support the people we love after a loss can be challenging. When those we care about have experienced a loss, it‘s common for friends and family to memorialize the deceased with flowers as a way of saying we're thinking of you during this difficult time.

Eirene memorial pages are designed so that you can send condolences with the click of a button. We’ve even arranged a 10% discount on floral arrangements should you choose to send them through our platform.

We’re Here to Help

While there is no right or wrong way to memorialize those closest to us, it cannot be denied that the way we honour our loved ones is changing as more people yearn for a permanent place to acknowledge their grief. Memorials allow us to acknowledge that even though we can no longer enjoy the warmth of their physical presence, their presence can still be felt by those left behind in some way, shape or form.

Ultimately, we understand that to many, grief is a journey that has no timeline or destination, but that memorialization often plays an instrumental role in how we move forward following a loss. We hope that Eirene Memorials can be a safe and compassionate place for you to begin that journey.

Stay tuned as we plan on adding additional features to our memorial website, to continue to support grieving families during their time of need. For more advice or information on processing grief and creative ways to memorialize your loved ones, be sure to visit our blog.