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Eirene Expands to British Columbia Bringing Compassionate and Affordable Cremation Services to the West Coast

Marina Morgan
Marina Morgan
June 19th 2023 - 7 minute read
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Eirene Cremations is pleased to announce that we now offer our services in British Columbia, providing a new and affordable approach to direct cremation for families and their loved ones in the province.

Eirene Cremations is excited to announce that we are expanding operations to British Columbia. The expansion comes after the successful launch of our cremation services in Alberta earlier this year.

Our expansion to British Columbia will bring the same level of professionalism and commitment to families that have earned Eirene a trustworthy reputation in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Our focus on providing high-quality cremation services at an affordable price has made us a trusted choice for families looking for a simple and dignified way to memorialize their loved ones.

A growing need for cremation services

Cremation rates in British Columbia are the highest in Canada, growing from 81.4 per cent in 2010 to 85.7 per cent in 2020. The cremation rate in B.C. is predicted to reach 87.1 per cent in 2025 (according to the 2021 CANA Statistical Report). One of the main reasons noted for the increase in the cremation rate is the cost compared to traditional burial. Cremation packages are less expensive than burials and offer families more flexibility and simplicity.

Meeting British Columbians where they are

Our services allow families to arrange a cremation without an in-person visit to a funeral home. Arrangements can be made online or over the phone at Eirene.ca and our exceptional team of funeral directors are available 24/7 to help families through the arrangement process.

Eirene's operations in British Columbia are spearheaded by Jodi Labun, whose years of pastoral work have informed her approach to supporting grieving families following the loss of a loved one. Jodi graduated from the Canadian College of Funeral Service in 2021 and has felt honoured to serve families in BC ever since.

At a time of increasing uncertainty, more and more families are wanting simplicity. I have recognized a rising trend toward the request of direct cremation often accompanied by a celebration of life at a later date, in a personalized way. I am honoured to be able to provide what many residents of British Columbia are needing— simple, uncomplicated closure at their time of loss. It is a privilege to know that we will be meeting a critical need in British Columbia, providing what Eirene offers: quality, affordable and necessary care at the end of life, says Jodi.

What is Eirene

Eirene is Canada’s first online cremation arrangement service. We founded Eirene to provide Canadians with a simple, compassionate, and modern approach to funeral services. With 73.1% of Canadians opting for cremation each year, Eirene’s goal is to be a trusted partner that simplifies the arrangement process and provides families with peace of mind.

Our modern cremation arrangement process gives families more time to focus on what really matters immediately after losing a loved one.

Making arrangements with Eirene allows you to:

  • Take the time you need to process your loss
  • Bring family members home who live away
  • Reduce stress, pressured decisions, and family disagreements
  • Host the celebration of life your loved one would want, at your own pace
  • Eliminate the need for multiple in-person appointments at a funeral home

Best-in-class cremation services

Whether you’re arranging for yourself or someone else, your peace of mind is our priority.

How Eirene works

All-inclusive pricing
In Canada, the average cremation can cost up to $5,000. However, Eirene’s packages are priced to reduce financial stress during a time of bereavement, while providing exceptional care to each family. We offer two packages, suited to your needs, and the price you see is exactly what you’ll pay— no surprises or hidden fees. Our transparent pricing structure provides you with peace of mind knowing that you’ll only pay for the services you need. Detailed pricing can be seen here.

If you require financial assistance, we can help. We’ll work with you to determine if you qualify for federal, provincial or social assistance funding. We have also partnered with Affirm Payments to offer payment plans for our packages. If you are not eligible for Affirm’s payment plan, we will work with you one-on-one to determine a payment plan that is suitable for you.

Arrange from anywhere
At Eirene, our cremation arrangement services allow you to make arrangements online or over the phone, regardless of location. First, we’ll ask a few questions, ensure your payment is secure, and then our team will take care of the rest. With Eirene, arrangements can be made from the comfort of your own home, without any trips to a funeral home. Once the required details are provided, we will work with our local transfer partner to bring your loved one into our care.

Following this, our dedicated funeral directors complete the required paperwork and the cremation takes place. Once the cremation is complete, your loved one is delivered right to your door.

Where does the cremation take place?

The crematoriums we work with are local, trusted partners. This ensures that your loved one is never far from home and that families who make arrangements with Eirene will receive the highest quality care from licensed professionals in their communities. To see where our crematorium partners are located, detailed information can be found on our locations page.

How Eirene will ensure standards of care?

Transparency is paramount, and we go above and beyond the required government guidelines to ensure the continuous, identification of your loved one throughout our entire process.

First, we require and reference a recent photograph of the deceased to visually verify their identity. Second, we use an industry-accepted Chain of Identification document, which is signed and verified by a licensed funeral director throughout the time your loved one is in our care. Third, you have the ability to view your loved one prior to cremation, and the option to witness the cremation if you wish.

Our partners have been involved in the industry for more than 25 years, in multiple provinces. They are in good standing with all regulatory bodies and hold licenses issued by Consumer Protection British Columbia.

Where did the name Eirene originate?

The word Eirene means a state of peace, originating from the Greek goddess Eirene. We chose the name because it reflects the service we want to provide to our families. To us, Eirene also symbolizes the role many women play in arranging end-of-life services and the growing diversity in the end-of-life industry.

Prepaid arrangement services

Prearranging provides complete peace of mind for you and the people you love.

What our families say

I normally don't do reviews but I'm making an exception in this case. When my father passed suddenly in July 2022 I needed funeral services on short notice. I called several places and nobody answered their calls, except for when I called Eirene I was met with professionalism and compassion.

The people who operate this business treat you like a person rather than something to push a product onto. They answered all my questions promptly and clearly. They had no hidden fees, extremely upfront about everything. I cannot recommend their services strongly enough.

About Eirene

Eirene is a Canadian-founded, women-owned, and proudly-independent business. We launched in Ontario in 2020, and since then have expanded our services to Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan and Alberta. British Columbia is the fifth province where our services will be offered to families. Learn more about Eirene in the New York Times, Toronto Star  and Forbes.

Eirene is here to help support families when they need it most. We are available 24/7 via email or phone. To make arrangements, visit our website at eirene.ca or send us an email at support@eirene.ca.

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