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Crematoriums in Nova Scotia

Daniela Fortino
Daniela Fortino
March 4th 2024 - 10 minute read
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Crematoriums in Nova Scotia are located in most communities in the province. Here is how to find them including their location and contact information.

Crematoriums are funeral facilities that handle the cremation of bodies of people who have died. With many providers available, choosing the right one can be challenging. Below are tips for finding a crematorium in Nova Scotia near you and your family.

How to find a crematorium in Nova Scotia

Before beginning a search, it is vital to understand how crematoriums operate. Crematorium providers can operate independently, meaning the facility can be contacted directly to make final arrangements. Cremation facilities also work with funeral homes. Typically, the funeral home will handle most of the arrangements but outsource the cremation to a nearby crematorium. Some funeral providers also have funeral and crematoriums combined in one location.

The easiest way to select a crematorium for a loved one in Nova Scotia is to contact us at Eirene Cremations and make arrangements as we work with the best crematoriums in the province.

In addition to providing a place for the dignified disposition of the body of a deceased loved one, crematoriums may include facilities such as a chapel and columbarium. Therefore, knowing which services are needed when beginning a search for a crematorium or a cremation provider is essential. Some factors to consider include:

  • Type of cremation (direct cremation, full-service cremation, viewing, etc.)
  • Desired services (e.g., witnessing the cremation)
  • Budget
  • Location
  • Urn options
  • Prearrangements

Find a Nova Scotia crematorium online

To find a crematorium, you can also do an online search. Google is a good resource. So is Bing.com. Searching the terms "crematorium in (city or province name)" or "crematoriums near me" will produce a list and map of providers in the area. For example, search for "crematorium in Halifax" if you'd like to find a facility in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM).

The names, websites, contact information, and reviews of Nova Scotia crematoriums by city and region are also included on our lists below. Check the website's links and reviews to get insight into the facility's services and to read about its reputation. Local directory websites like Yellow Pages or Yelp can also be helpful when locating a crematorium.

Some provincial governments also list a directory for funeral providers in the key areas in their jurisdiction. For example, in Nova Scotia, the directory can be found on the province's open data portal (here). The page provides the name and location of funeral homes, crematoriums and cemeteries licensed to provide funeral merchandise or services in Nova Scotia. It also categorizes them by license type (e.g., funeral home, crematorium, etc.). For example here at Eirene, you'll see us listed in their directory.

Crematoriums in Nova Scotia by region

Below is a list of crematoriums in Nova Scotia organized by region, providing the name, contact information, and how they can be accessed.

Crematoriums in Halifax

Here is a list of crematoriums in Halifax, Dartmouth and communities in the Halifax metropolitan area.

Halifax Regional Crematorium in Middle Sackville

Halifax Regional Crematorium offers affordable cremation services to individuals in the Halifax region. The provider can be contacted directly by phone: (902) 462-6664 or 1-888-551-0557, via email: info@halifaxcremationservice.ca.

Crematorium address:
1234 Cole Harbour Rd.,
Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia,
B2V 1N2

Halifax Harbourside Regional Crematorium

Harbourside Regional Crematorium provides direct cremation services to families in the greater Halifax area, including Halifax Regional Municipality, Halifax County, Hants County, Lunenburg County, and Colchester County. Arrangements can be made by contacting the crematorium online or calling (902) 293-2807.

Crematorium address:
2632 King St.,
Halifax, Nova Scotia ,
B3K 4T8

Maritime Cremation Centre in Lower Sackville

Maritime Cremation Centre is a multi-purpose facility providing cremation and spaces for gatherings and services. The provider is available 24/7 to answer urgent inquiries (e.g., a death has occurred) at 902-252-6767 or 1-833-252-6767 (toll-free).

Crematorium address:
67 Temple Terrace,
Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia,
B4C 0A7

Dartmouth Funeral Home LTD. - Dartmouth and Eastern Passage

Dartmouth Funeral Home is a family-owned provider offering a range of funeral services not discussed in detail on the website. Contact the facility via (902) 466-2360 or by email: plevandier@ns.aliantzinc.ca.

Crematorium address:
29 Queen Street,
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia,
B2Y 1E9

Cole Harbour Funeral Home and Crematorium in Dartmouth

This facility offers cremation and funeral services to individuals in the Halifax region. This includes:

  • 24-hour on-call service to help you when you need us
  • Administrative assistance for legal and government paperwork
  • Memorials, religious services and celebrations of life events
  • Accommodate religious requests and rituals
  • Prepaid cremation plans available

The company's phone number is  (902) 701-4551. Or visit the website.

1234 Cole Harbour Road,
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia,
B2V 1N2

Crematoriums in Cape Breton

Here are crematoriums in Cape Breton and the communities in the area.

T.J Tracey Cremation and Burial Specialists in Glace Bay

T.J. Tracey Cremation and Burial Specialists provide funeral services to families in in Cape Breton. Information on cremation services can be found on its website For more information about burial and cremation services, the provider can be reached as follows: Phone: 902-849-4199 (Glace Bay) or by email: service@tjtracey.com.

Facility addresses:
370 Reserve St.,
Glace Bay, Nova Scotia,
B1A 4X2

Sydney Memorial Chapel & Cape Breton Crematorium in Sydney

Sydney Memorial Chapel has provided burial and cremation services to residents of Sydney and surrounding areas since 1975. The crematorium is located on-site. Phone: 902-539-0500. Fax: 902-567-3830. Email: sydneymemorialchapel75@gmail.com.

Crematorium address:
49 Welton Street,
Sydney, Nova Scotia,
B1P 5R3

Forest Haven Memorial Gardens and Crematory in Grand Lake

Forest Haven is a 27-acre cemetery and memorial garden for cremated remains. It has a crematorium on-site, offering simple cremation packages. The provider is also planning to expand with the addition of a Green Burial Garden, new facilities, a crematorium, expanded niche wall, walkways and a larger chapel.

Phone: 1-902-562-2005. Email: cemetery@foresthaven.ca.

1510 Grand Lake Rd.,
Grand Lake Road, Nova Scotia,
B1M 1A1

Sydney Crematorium in Sydney

This provider does not have a working website. However, it is listed as licensed on the Nova Scotia government data portal. Phone: (902) 595-0550.

400 George St.,
Sydney, Nova Scotia,
B1P 1K3

Crematoriums in the Annapolis Valley

Here are crematoriums in the communities in the Annapolis Valley

Serenity Funeral Home and Chapels - Coldbrook, Wolfville and Port Williams

Serenity Funeral Home and Chapels offers burial and cremation services to families in the Annapolis Valley region. Facilities include a funeral home, three chapels in Coldbrook and Wolfville, and a crematorium in Port Williams.

Arrangements can be made using the contact information found on the company webpage. Each facility has different numbers and email addresses, so it is best to search them individually by community. Use Google or Bing for this.

Facility address (funeral home):
34 Coldbrook Village Park Drive,
Coldbrook, Nova Scotia,
B4R 1B9

Crematoriums in Nova Scotia's North Shore

Here are the crematoriums located in Nova Scotia's North Shore communities.

MacDiarmid's Funeral Home & Crematorium in Oxford

This facility offers cremation services for families in the North Shore region. Details about the services are not outlined in detail on the website. However, an online planner is available on its website.

Phone: (902) 447-2930, 243-2506, or 657-3288, Email info@mmcfunerals.com.

5075 Main St.,
Oxford, Nova Scotia,
B0M 1P0

Jones Family Funeral Centre in Amherst

Jones Family Funeral Centre is the only full-service crematorium in Cumberland County. This Amherst provider also offers burial and memorial services. Phone: 902-667-8777. Fax: 902-660-3150. Email: info@jonesfamilyfuneralcentre.ca.

70 Church St.,
Amherst, Nova Scotia,
B4H 3B2

Central Nova Director Services Ltd. in Mount William

The Central Nova Director Services Ltd. in Mount William does not have a website but is listed as licensed on the Nova Scotia provincial data portal. The phone number and address are not provided on Google but can be found on the data portal.

319 Mount William Road,
Mount William, Nova Scotia,
B2H 5C6

Crematoriums in Southern Nova Scotia

Here are the crematoriums located in Southern Nova Scotia communities.

H.M. Huskilson's Funeral Homes and Crematorium Limited in Barrington

H.M. Huskilson's Funeral Homes and Crematorium in Barrington is a family-owned facility offering cremation services for families in Barrington and surrounding areas. Details about the services are not outlined on the site. Phone:  (902) 637-2247. Email: huskilson@ns.aliantzinc.ca.

2821 Nova Scotia Trunk 3,
Barrington, Nova Scotia,
B0W 1E0

Sweeny's Funeral Home and Crematorium in Yarmouth

Sweeny's Funeral Home and Crematorium is a family-owned and operated provider that offers cremation, funeral, and memorial services in Yarmouth and surrounding areas. Phone: (902) 742-3245. Fax: (902) 742-2101, Email: sweenys@sweenysfuneralhome.net.

Crematorium address:
567 Main Street,
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia,
B5A 1J6

Chandlers' Funeral Service Ltd. in Liverpool

Chandlers' Funeral Service Ltd. is a company that provides burial and cremation services in the southern region of Nova Scotia.  Phone: (902 -354-4242). Email: info@chandlersfuneral.com.

Facility mailing address:
91 Union Street, P.O. Box 699,
Liverpool, Nova Scotia,
B0T 1K0

South Shore Crematorium and Removal Services in Bridgewater

This South Shore provider does not have a website, but is listed as licensed on the Nova Scotia provincial data portal. The phone number and address are not provided on Google, but can be found here.

Crematorium Address:
20 Cook Rd.,
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia,
B4V 3W7

Useful cremation resources

Make cremation arrangements with Eirene

To make cremation arrangements, click here. Eirene Cremations works with regional crematoriums to provided cremation services in all communities in Nova Scotia including Halifax, Cape Breton, Yarmouth, Amherst, Annapolis Valley, Sackville, Bedford, Kings, Cobequid, and more. See all Nova Scotia cities and towns served by Eirene here.  If you have a Nova Scotia postal code we are available to serve you and your family. You can contact us at support@eirene.ca or see our contact page for further ways to reach us.

For information about our service areas please visit our locations page.

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