Cremation in Regina: What to Expect

Daniela Fortino
Daniela Fortino
December 5th 2022 - 7 minute read
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Families that choose cremation in Regina for their loved ones often ask about the process. Here is a step-by-step guide on what to expect.

Funeral planning can be a daunting process, especially when grieving. If you choose cremation in Regina for your loved one, you have the option to make arrangements with Eirene. We aim to make cremation arrangements as straightforward as possible while providing support to families. As part of that process, here is a guide to help you understand what to expect when you choose Eirene's cremation services. We provide services in multiple cities across Canada. This guide is specific to cremation in Regina.

Making cremation arrangements in Regina

The process for arranging with Eirene is simple, modern, and yet caring and compassionate. Families can start cremation planning on our website. You can see available arrangements by clicking the "Services" menu option at the top of our site or "Pricing". In Regina, both cremation and alkaline hydrolysis services are available. Families can also choose prepaid arrangement services and browse our online urn store. Shipping is free to all addresses in Saskatchewan (and across Canada). At Eirene, we value transparency, so all packages are itemized and easy to understand.

Step 1: Initiate arrangements

Cremation arrangements can be made online or by calling (306) 992-1625. Families can also visit our website and click on the "Start Arranging" button in the top menu to make arrangements online. Choose the options that best suit your needs, and you will be provided with an online form to fill out. It can be completed independently, or you can call the number on our website for assistance. Jan Porten, Eirene's Managing Funeral Director in Saskatchewan, can also take the information over the phone and walk you through the steps to complete the arrangements. There is also an option for a face-to-face meeting with Porten to make arrangements if someone feels that is better for them.

Step 2: Transferring your loved one to our facility in Regina

Upon verbal confirmation that you would like Eirene to care for your deceased loved one, Porten dispatches Eirene's local transfer service. The transfer service will pick up the deceased person's body and transport them to Eirene's facility in Regina. Often, if the family is waiting for the pick-up, Porten will attend the transfer to make an initial face-to-face connection with the family.

If family members would like to accompany their loved one back to our facility, to spend more time with them, or to care for them (bathing, dressing, etc.), they are welcome no matter what time of day.

Step 3: Funeral documentation and logistics

During the initial contact with family and throughout the cremation arrangement process, Eirene takes care of the details, such as collecting important information from family, completing and submitting funeral documentation required by the Saskatchewan government, collecting payments, obtaining death certificates, etc. (More about this can be found here).

Once the paperwork is completed and the payment is made, Porten will make arrangements with a crematorium in Regina that Eirene works with. Families are welcome to spend time at the crematorium if they choose for a small additional fee. More information can be found in the "Witnessing" package here.

If a person passes away outside Regina, Eirene will reach out to the nearest crematorium to ask for them to conduct the cremation for us (if the family does not want to spend time with their loved one first). Eirene's transfer service can also transport your loved one's body to Regina and use the crematorium here.

Step 4: Cremation Process

Once paperwork and logistics are handled, the deceased person's body is prepared for cremation. That includes the removal of any metal implants that contain a battery (e.g., pacemakers) or pose a safety risk to crematorium staff. Combustible materials like clothing also stay on the body.

Cremation involves exposing the body to flames and extreme heat in a cremation chamber at a crematorium facility.

In the cremation process, organic matter is reduced to bone fragments. Any metals from surgical implants, for example, also survive the process. After a cooling period, metals are removed and recycled. Thereafter, bone fragments are reduced to a coarse grey or brown powder known as cremated remains or ashes.

Returning your loved one's ashes in Regina

Once the cremation occurs, Porten contacts the family to personally drop off their loved one's ashes at their home or wherever they choose to meet. Along with the ashes, Porten brings the Funeral Director's Death Certificates. The death certificates allow families to handle any estate requirements they will have. She also shares a web link with them to create an account with Eirene's partner, Cadence. The Cadence team advises families on any after-death matters that the executor or Authorized Decision Maker (next of kin) needs to complete.

Funeral payment plans available to Regina families

Eirene believes everyone should have access to quality death care and fair pricing. To further assist families, Eirene has partnered with Affirm for families that need additional financial help. Applicants can set up a payment plan that works best for their financial situation.

Learn more about additional funeral financial assistance in the articles below. You can also contact Eirene by phone at (306) 992-1625 or email to for more information.

What makes Eirene's cremation arrangements in Regina unique?

The beauty of Eirene is that our online platform allows families to have full involvement in the final arrangement or can choose to let our cremation experts lead them. We give the power back to the family, allowing them to memorialize their loved one in their own time and in the way they want to do it.

"My sincere goal in all of this is to provide a meaningful way to say goodbye, which is both respectful and cost-effective," said Porten, who is a graduate of the Canadian College of Funeral Service.

She said families are welcome to spend as much time as they need if they live in Regina or can travel from where they live in Saskatchewan to the city. If the loved one's death occurs in other areas of Saskatchewan, Porten said, "we would do our best to coordinate witnessing the cremation of their loved one at the crematorium which is close to them." She added, "My aim is to leave them feeling empowered to do what they need to do prior to saying goodbye."Porten is available online, on the phone, or in-person to walk families through each step of the process. "I will take care of their loved one as if they were one of my own family members," she promises.

Questions about cremation in Regina?

For questions about cremation in Regina and all communities in Saskatchewan, reach out to Jan Porten via email at or call her at (306) 992-1625.