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Cremation in Halifax: What to Expect

Daniela Fortino
Daniela Fortino
February 21st 2023 - 7 minute read
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Families that choose cremation in Halifax for their loved ones often ask about the process. Here is a step-by-step guide on what to expect.

Funeral planning can be challenging for grieving families. However, knowing what to expect beforehand can help relieve unnecessary stress and make the process easier. In this article, we discuss making arrangements for cremation in Halifax.

Making cremation arrangements in Halifax

At Eirene, we make cremation arrangements simple while offering compassionate services to grieving families in Nova Scotia. One of the ways we achieve this is through our online arrangement system. We also provide helpful resources and guidance to families. You can visit our website to learn more about Eirene, browse the online urn catalog, or check out the blog and help centre for end-of-life education and support.

Eirene's cremation arrangement packages are itemized and easily accessible to clients. Our pricing and process are fully transparent. On our website, click on "services" or "pricing" in the menu at the top to see the details. In Halifax, or from anywhere in Nova Scotia, you will see cremation services available for the city and province. Families can choose between three packages - simple, standard, and witnessing. We also provide prepaid arrangement services.

Begin the online process by clicking "Start Arranging" in the top right corner of the website. This opens up a menu that lists our service options, allowing people to choose the services that best suit their needs.

The online form can be completed independently or with help by contacting our team at (782) 492-0250 or via email at support@eirene.ca for assistance. Arrangements can be made on the phone or via email if preferred.

A licensed funeral director on our team can take information over the phone and walk clients through the steps to complete arrangements in the province. In-person meetings are available upon request and by appointment only. Our meeting facility is located near Mill Cove on the Bedford Basin.

Once initial arrangements have been made, and the required documentation is secured, our staff corresponds with our crematorium partner location in Lower Sackville to coordinate services.

Transferring your loved ones to our facility in Halifax

Upon confirmation of Eirene's services, our staff will facilitate transportation of the deceased person's body from the place of death to our crematorium partner in Lower Sackville. Our team also starts the documentation process.

Funeral documentation and logistics in Halifax

Eirene handles most of the cremation planning and details, such as collecting information from the family, completing and submitting funeral documentation, collecting payments, securing the Medical Certificate of Death and required approvals, etc. Once the body is identified and permits are received from the Nova Scotia government, our staff contacts the crematorium to schedule cremation.

In Nova Scotia, embalming is not required if the deceased is not being viewed prior to cremation. If the deceased person will be viewed, the viewing can take place without embalming within 72 hours of the time of death. If the deceased is being viewed prior to cremation and death occurred more than 72 hours after the scheduled viewing time, embalming is required.

If a family has opted for the witnessing package, Eirene will also coordinate those arrangements with our crematorium partner in Lower Sackville. The package allows families to attend the cremation of their loved ones. (More information on the witnessing package is here.)

If a loved one dies outside of Halifax, we use our closest crematorium partner to the place of death. This is determined on a geographic and case-by-case basis.

Cremation process

Once documentation and logistics are handled, the deceased person's body is prepared for cremation.

First, medical implants (e.g., pacemakers) that contain a battery or pose a safety risk to crematorium staff are removed. Other metals, like fillings or joint replacements, remain in the body. Combustible materials like clothes and jewelry stay on the body and are reduced during the process. Next, using the photograph provided during the arrangements, a funeral director verifies the identity of the deceased in our care. Personal effects are inventoried and either retained to be returned to the family or to stay with the person during cremation.

Then the deceased is placed in a cremation case while the cremation date and time are scheduled.

When the time for cremation arrives, the deceased's identity is verified again prior to the cremation process beginning.

The cremation process involves exposing a deceased person's body to flames and extreme heat (around 760 to 980 Celsius / 1400-1800 F) within the retort chamber. These conditions consume organic matter in the body. Left behind are bone fragments and metals made from non-combustible materials. After a cooling period, metals are removed and recycled. Bone fragments are reduced to create coarse grey or brown powder known as cremated remains or ashes and then are placed in a basic vessel and returned to the family.

Returning your loved one's ashes

Depending on the package selected, we will either coordinate to meet with the next of kin at our office to return their loved one’s ashes to them or hand deliver them to the home of the next of kin within Nova Scotia.

Documents needed to handle estate matters (e.g., Funeral Director Statements of Death, Certificate of Cremation) are provided to the family when they receive their loved one's cremated remains. As part of our standard package, we will also share a link with families to create an account with Eirene's partner, Cadence. Cadence assists families with after-death matters that the executor or authorized decision maker needs to complete.

Cremation cost in Halifax

Cremation costs in Halifax are on par with other larger cities in Canada. You can see a detailed discussion of cremation pricing for Halifax and other Nova Scotia cities and towns in this article called Cremation Cost in Nova Scotia. To see the cost of cremation packages from Eirene, click here.

Cremation payment plans available to Halifax families

At Eirene, we believe in providing access to affordable, quality death care. We have partnered with Affirm to help loved ones pay for arrangements. Affirm is a service that offers financial assistance to clients that allow families to make installment payments for desired services with no hidden fees or late fees.

Families can apply to set up a payment plan that works best for their financial situation. Eirene will also work with families ineligible for an Affirm payment plan.

Funeral financial assistance

Learn more about additional funeral financial assistance in the articles below.

What makes cremation arrangements with Eirene in Halifax unique

At Eirene, we understand how complex funeral planning can be. We aim to simplify funeral planning while providing continuous support and guidance to grieving families.

Our online platform allows a family to have as much or little to do with their loved one's final arrangement. You enter the required information, pay a flat rate, and have Eirene handle the rest. There are no surprises or hidden fees. Our all-inclusive cremation and aquamation packages are itemized and easily accessible to clients.

Questions about cremation in Halifax?

For questions about cremation in Halifax and all communities in Nova Scotia, reach out to our licensed funeral director via email at support@eirene.ca or call (782) 492-0250.

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