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Parting Stones

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Parting Stones provide a unique way to memorialize loved ones after cremation. This product was created by Garrett Jonsson who was inspired to start the company after cremating his grandfather. He wanted a tangible way to remember his grandfather rather than having the ashes sit in an urn.

The Parting Stone process turns cremated remains into smooth, polished stones in varied natural colors and textures. No dyes or pigments are added. The full ashes are used to create a collection of memorial stones, typically 40-60 stones for an adult human.

Parting Stones launched their service in the US in 2017 after years of research and development working with geologists and chemists. Eirene Cremations, a Canadian funeral services provider, is now proud to offer Parting Stones to Canadian families as an official distributor.

Families who want to memorialize their loved one can work with Eirene to ship the ashes to Parting Stones' production lab in New Mexico. The stones are carefully crafted and shipped back in 4-12 weeks. Then families can display the stones at home, share them with loved ones, place them in nature or a garden, or carry them along. The stone collections are as unique as the individuals they honor.

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