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Eterneva Memorial Diamond

$2,999.00 CAD


Eterneva Memorial Diamond


A Remarkable Memorial

Eterneva offers a beautiful, mobile memorial combined with a 7-10 month grief journey.

Eterneva celebrates remarkable people by turning their hair, or cremated remains, into diamonds through a storytelling journey as special as the loved one and the diamond itself. 

The memorial diamond, grown from the carbon in your loved one’s hair or cremated remains, takes 7-10 months to grow. Throughout that time, Eterneva sends customized photos, videos and updates of the entire process - showing where your loved one is and including you in every step of this remarkable transformation. 

The goal is to create a beautiful, mobile memorial that helps your loved one’s legacy live on, and helps those grieving tell stories, start legacy projects, and honor their loved one in the next chapters of their lives. 

Pricing: Starting at $2,999

Why a Memorial Diamond?

Before Eterneva, Garrett & Adelle were starting a business in the lab-grown diamond space, when Adelle lost her close friend & mentor, Tracey Kaufman, to cancer. 

She quickly learned there are not a lot of good memorial options when you lose someone special. She wanted to give people a better way to memorialize their loved ones and celebrate their lives. Her and Garrett pivoted to creating real diamonds from the carbon in cremated remains, and Eterneva was born. 

Honoring a Life Well Lived

We’re blown away by the moving stories of Eterneva’s customers. This isn’t something you do for just anyone. Behind every diamond is the story of a remarkable connection, and an incredible life that should never be forgotten. From husbands, to kids, to parents - we hear about the most heroic beings to grace the planet. 

A Soulful Remembrance. A Crafted Experience. 

Eterneva’s memorial diamonds are only the final part of this journey and experience. Over the 7-10 months you work with them, they provide videos and updates so you can see every single step in this transformation. They provide grief resources, interviews with experts, and so much more to help you find your way through the next chapter. 

From Ashes to Diamond: The Seven-Stage Journey

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