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You have lots of options if you are looking to buy cremation urns in Vancouver. There are plenty of funeral homes in the greater Vancouver area as well as a few retail outlets to choose from, however their prices are usually highly inflated, as is most of the traditional funeral industry.

Our you could buy them from Costco, but many are not suitable for cremation ashes.

That's why we built our urns store here at for Vancouver residents and all Canadians so everyone can access a large inventory of cremation urns on demand. 

Urns for Vancouver residents

When you buy your cremation urn through us, you can expect:

  • The best prices for urns in Vancouver and across Canada.
  • Free shipping to all Vancouver addresses with $100 minimum order. In fact we ship to all B.C. addresses free with a $100 minimum purchase.
  • Made in Canada urns.
  • 24 hour shopping online in our web-based urns Canada store.
  • Answers to all your urn and cremations questions. Start with our urns for ashes resource guide or email is at and let our cremation professionals answer your questions. You can call us too at the number listed at the bottom of every page on our store.
  • We offer a variety of urn types including adult urns, child urns, companion urns, mini and micro urns as well as keepsake urns and tea light urns.
  • We have urns made of all types of materials including wood urns, metal urns, ceramic. See our whole urn catalog. We also have biodegradable urns
  • All products are shipped to all Canadian addresses for free.
  • Our urn inventory is growing every day.

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