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If you're looking for a unique way to use cremation ashes, there are options for nature lovers, fashion-savvy people, and avid stargazers. But what about music lovers? They can now be forever immortalized as playable vinyl. Learn more about And Vinyly below.

What is And Vinyly? 

And Vinyly is a UK-based company that presses ashes into a playable vinyl record. (The company name is a play on the words "And Finally")

The vinyl not only has your loved one's (or pet's) ashes incorporated into the vinyl, it can also playback any audio you would like. It could be a recording of your loved one, playback of their favourite songs, or just the white noise of a blank record. 

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Jason Leach founded the company in the late 2000s. However, the idea for it started several years before then.

Leach has been in the music industry for several years. He co-founded the record label Subhead in the 90s and has founded various other labels since then. However, it wasn't until he got a little older that he began thinking about the possibility of pressing ashes into records. 

As time went on, he began reflecting on his mortality. When his mother started working with funeral directors, he was introduced to unconventional ways for ashes to be handled. This inspired him to turn his idea into a reality. 

Since then, the company has garnered media interest across the world. Although the concept was not originally meant to become a business, And Vinyly has had great success since its inception. The company continues to grow as demand steadily increases. 

What is the process involved in pressing ashes into a vinyl record? 

The process is the same as making a regular vinyl, except a portion of the ashes are incorporated into a raw piece of vinyl before pressing. The process begins with the customer sending approximately one teaspoon of their loved one's ashes to the company along with a recording of choice and artwork (if desired). 

The record-making process begins with the audio recording. The audio is mixed, mastered, and cut into an A side and B side lacquer. The lacquer is treated to make tin stamper plates, which have the grooves that create the music when played.

The plates are pressed into the hot vinyl to produce a record. With And Vinyly, the ashes are sprinkled onto the raw piece of vinyl before it is pressed. This affects the record's sound quality, but each record is unique to your loved one. 

The timeline for the process varies. However, after the company has received the materials needed to begin the process, it can take three to five weeks to deliver the record back to you. However, it is usually done faster than this. A more accurate estimate is provided upon payment of the deposit. 

How much does the process cost? 

The cost for production varies depending on specifications and quantity. However, it ranges between £1,000 and £3,000 GBP ($1715 to $5148 CAD). 

The prices may vary based on your choices for the following: 

    • 1 or 2 sides of playable audio. For a 12 inch disc, keeping the audio under 18 to 22 minutes per side is advised. Audio is preferred in .aiff, .wav or .mp3 format. However, customers can ask And Vinyly for advice if they have recordings in other formats. 
    • 7" or 12" disc. The cost is the same with both options. 
  • Clear, translucent colour or black vinyl. 
    • Printed, clear or plain sleeves. And Vinyly provides templates. However, customers can create the artwork for the sleeves, and the cost is discussed and agreed upon in advance. 
    • Printed or blank labels. Personal artwork can also be used on the labels, or you can choose from the company's templates. T he cost is determined beforehand. 
    • Number of copies. There is little difference in cost between 1 and 10 records. 
    • Location. Shipping and handling costs dependi on where you are located. 

    Fees can be reduced by having only one side of playable audio instead of two. Additionally, choosing plain, white, or clear sleeves and blank labels lowers the price.

    To receive an estimate, you can contact the company via phone at +44 (0)7717 762068, by email at, or by completing the estimate form on their website:

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