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When a loved one is cremated, it can be challenging to decide what to do with their ashes and urns afterward. Many people opt to keep the remains at home so that their loved ones will continue to be near. Below are eight ideas for keeping cremated remains at home. 

#1: Keep the urn on display 

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This is probably one of the more common options people choose when keeping ashes at home. These can be displayed anywhere within the house, but common locations include a mantle, fireplace, table, bookshelf, etc. 

Not only can you choose where to display the urn, but you can also choose how to display it. Some buy a beautiful urn (like the Opal Cloisonné Urn shown above) and just display it, while others may decide to create a small shrine to their loved ones that can include pictures, souvenirs, candles, jewelry, and so on. 

One thing to keep in mind when displaying the urn is that it may be prone to potential accidents depending on location. For example, if it is above a fireplace, someone may accidentally knock it down., if displaying in these areas, it may be a good idea to put a protective barrier around the urn (e.g., enclosed in glass) or choose an urn material less prone to breaking, such as a metal urn or one made of wood

One tip is to keep the ashes within the bag they come in inside the urn, so if it does accidentally break, you would have to clean up the urn pieces, but the ashes will remain intact.

#2: Keep the urn a special spot 

This option and the one above may go together, depending on the deceased person. However, keeping the ashes in a special spot does not necessarily mean the urn will be on display. 

For example, if you lived in the home with the deceased person, you may keep the ashes in their room. On the other hand, if the deceased was an avid baker, you may think they would be happiest remaining in the kitchen. Additionally, you may want to keep the ashes tucked away to ensure they are not disturbed. The choice is up to you. 

#3: Cremation stones / Solidified ashes

Cremation stones are smooth beautiful pebbles made from the solidified cremation ashes. Each one is unique and decorative. They can be placed on display, used in a garden or kept in a purse or close by. See more about solidified ashes

#4: Cremation art 

Cremation art has become a growing trend over the years. Many companies and artists offer the opportunity to have your loved ones' ashes incorporated into a decorative piece. 

The ashes can be incorporated into glass or combined with resin and turned into many things, such as a vase, candle holder, lamp, table centrepiece, sculpture, and more. Additionally, only a portion of the ashes are often needed for these creations, so you can choose to keep or scatter the remainder if desired. 

#5: Keep ashes in a sculpture

Urn sculptures can be specially made by some artisans. Sone simple artistic shapes, but some might include a bust of the individual's face. There are many indoor and outdoor styles to choose from. Some common ones include religious imagery (e.g., praying hands), heart-shaped, wing-shaped, animal-shaped, etc. 

#6: Combine ashes with houseplants

A unique way to keep your loved one's ashes in the home is to combine the ashes into the soil of houseplants or in a garden. This can be a great tribute to someone, especially an avid gardener because it allows their ashes to nourish other living things. 

#7: Keepsake jewelry 

Another common way to keep ashes in the home is through keepsake jewelry. These typically contain a small portion of the deceased's ashes or have the deceased's fingerprint on it. This is a great way not only to keep your loved one's ashes in the home but also to keep them with you when you leave.

They come in a variety of styles and designs. These can be found in the Eirene urn jewelry catalog

#8: Have ashes incorporated into a plush toy

Ashes can also be incorporated into a plush toy. Many companies sell stuffed animals with a compartment to store a portion or all the ashes. Many also can record a personalized message for the toy to say when squished. This is a great way to memorialize a loved one, especially an infant or child. 

Like keepsake jewelry, these toys can be kept within the home or taken with you. You can also choose to add it to your urn display or shrine. 

#9: Cremation portrait 

A unique way to keep the ashes in the home is by creating or commissioning a portrait of the deceased using the cremated remains. A small portion of ashes can be added to paint beforehand and be used to create an excellent piece of memorial art that can be kept within the home. Due to the colour of the ashes, these portraits are often in black and white, but other colours can be used as well. 

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