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Buying a cremation urn is an emotional purchase, and the choice can feel overwhelming. To help you during a difficult time, Eirene has put together ten questions to ask yourself when thinking of what urn to purchase.

1. What size urn do I need?

Did you know Eirene provides cremation and aquamation services to families?

You might choose several small keepsake urns to share with family or one larger one. Most of our urns are design to hold the ashes of one 200 lb adult (200 cubic inchew). Here are a few specialty urns for different uses:

  • Standard adult urn - These urns hold up to 200 cubic inches of ashes and are used for a standard adult of up to 200 lbs.
  • Keepsake urns - An urn used for a smaller amount of ashes if a family is sharing them. May also be usedas an extra urn if a standard adult urn is not big enough.
  • Companion urns - for the ashes of two people
  • Infant urns - for the ashes of a stillborn child, an infant or a child.
  • Mini / Micro urns - to hold a small amount of ashes 
  • Urn jewelry - A wearable accessory that has a small pendant or compartment for a few ashes

2. How much do I want to spend?

There are funeral urns to suit all budgets, but quality can vary. Imports can be temptingly inexpensive but could be of lower quality than a Canadian made product.

3. Where will I put the urn?

Will the funeral urn be outside in a garden or inside your home? For an outdoor location, you will need an urn that can withstand all kinds of weather. 

4. What materials do I like?

Cremation funeral urns come in a wide range of materials and styles, including:

Click the menu item at the top of the page called "Urn Styles" to see all our urn material types.

5. How easy is it to transfer the remains to the urn?

Depending on the material and design, the opening to transfer remains will vary from simple lids to stoppers or screwed in attachments. You can also ask your funeral director to do ash transfers for you. We provide that service at Eirene when we handle cremation arrangements.

6. What colours and shapes do I like?

Colour choices are personal and will depend on the material you choose. Available shapes go from traditional to modern, with many designs blending the two.

7. Do I want to personalize the urn?

You can choose to engrave the urn with your loved one’s name and special dates. You may also choose to engrave a message or a special note.

8. Do I need to travel with the urn?

If you fly with your funeral urn, it will need to pass security systems at the airport. Check with your airline to ensure that your chosen urn material will be accepted before you purchase your urn. See more info here.

9. When will the urn arrive?

Bespoke or detailed urns will take longer to make. Consider shipping times to make sure your urn will arrive when you need it.

10. What is the return policy?

Most non-personalized urns can be returned within 30 days. If you have chosen personalization and changed your mind, then a return likely won’t be possible.

Lastly, always remember, whether you choose a fancy urn or simple container, your loved one will still be commemorated in a beautiful way. 

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