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Gladys Valenzuela

Dec 30th 1968 — Dec 3rd 2023 (54 years)


Gladys Valenzuela December 30, 1968- December 3, 2023, 54 years

Gladys was known for her infectious laughter, kindness, and spunky personality. A true renaissance woman.

Gladys Valenzuela sadly passed away on December 3, 2023. She was a beautiful woman and mother who spread joy and happiness wherever she went. As per Gladys’s request, no funeral or memorial service will be held.

Gladys Valenzuela formerly known as Gladys Teresa Vargas Moreira born in Guayaquil, Ecuador 1968 to Gladys Moreira and Freddy Vargas. Gladys overcame significant adversities in her early life. Despite the hardships she faced, she embodied an unwavering spirit of love, kindness, and determination. She migrated to Canada when she was only fifteen.

Gladys was not only a tenacious mother to her three children Massiel, Nathalie, Glaben, and her beloved dog Oliver, but also embraced countless others with her nurturing love and guidance. Her maternal compassion touched the lives of many, leaving an enduring legacy of love we as her children were fortunate to witness. No matter how little we thought we had, she was always in a position to give what she could. Whatever personal challenges her children had gone through, she has acted on selflessness, was always there to provide for them and guide them through life.

Throughout her life, Gladys pursued many passions with dedication and enthusiasm. She studied cosmetology and found her true love, studying at George Brown College as a Pastry Chef. Her kitchen was a place of love and togetherness, where she shared her secret recipes and taught us the joy of cooking. From her delectable pastries to her mouthwatering dishes, she had a magical touch that made every meal a memorable experience. Her culinary legacy will continue to live on through the recipes she passed down and the flavors that will forever remind us of her love. Her culinary creations will forever remain a testament to her passion, creativity, and love for her family, friends, and acquaintances.

In addition to her culinary legacy, our beloved mother leaves behind a remarkable testament to the power of love and devotion in the form of her common-law husband, Miguel Santiago Abreu Larancuent. Miguel stood by her side through thick and thin, demonstrating unwavering love and care during her battle with illness. We cannot express enough gratitude for his unwavering support, compassion, and dedication to our mother's well-being. Miguel showed her what true love is and proved his commitment by providing her with endless affection, comfort, and support during her last days. His presence brought solace and strength to our family, and we will forever be grateful for his unwavering commitment.

Our mother's passing leaves a void not only in our lives but also in the hearts of her mother, Gladys, and her sisters, Cathy, Beverly, and Ximena. As we come to terms with the loss of our beloved mother, we find solace in the knowledge that her legacy of love, culinary expertise, and the bonds she forged will continue to live on within us. We will carry her spirit forward, honoring her memory by embracing the values she instilled in us and cherishing the love she showered upon us.

May our dear mother rest in eternal peace, knowing that she leaves behind a legacy of love, devotion, and unforgettable moments that will forever be treasured.


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