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Give Your Loved Ones Peace of Mind with Our Funeral Insurance Package

Anita Chauhan
Anita Chauhan
March 23rd 2023 - 6 minute read
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We're excited to announce the launch of our newest product, pre-need insurance. Read more here.

Anita Chauhan

We're excited to announce the launch of our newest product, pre-need insurance. Tailored for you and your loved ones, we've partnered with TruStage to help make the burden of funeral planning easier and more manageable. When you sign up, your insurance policy is taken out with TruStage, and you lock in the cost of Eirene's simple cremation services.

With decades of experience in funeral funding and final expense solutions, Eirene is proud to work with TruStage to provide Canadians everywhere with an easy, online solution to planning their funeral insurance needs. Ready to get started? Visit our site to get the process started.

We're here to provide peace of mind

Help your family and loved ones focus on the things that matter rather than worrying about the minuscule details of planning a funeral. Eirene helps you plan ahead so you can give your family the space to grieve the loss and celebrate life instead of trying to figure out how to honour final wishes.

When someone passes away, the bereaved are often left to make decisions they aren't prepared for, during a time that they should be spending with loved ones. By taking the time to plan ahead, you can help ease your family’s financial and emotional burden following a death.

Reduce Financial Burden

Thinking ahead can pay off - especially when it comes to funeral arrangements. The average funeral can cost anywhere between $5,000 - $15,000, and sometimes, even more, depending on how simple or elaborate the send-off the deceased will be.

Keep your loved ones protected from any unexpected expenses - through our easy-to-navigate funeral insurance product. Backed by a guarantee, our partners at TruStage are a Fortune 500 company that has helped Canadians navigate the end-of-life space since 1902.

Funeral insurance is a set sum of money left to your beneficiaries that is meant to cover the expense of any funeral arrangements. When you pre-arrange with Eirene and TruStage, the money you set aside is paid directly to Eirene for the package price that you locked in upon signing. Any left over funds are then handed over to your designated beneficiaries. Spare yourself and your loved ones of any extra, unneeded financial burden by pre-arranging your funeral today.

No Surprises.

Cremation and funeral arrangement costs have nearly doubled over the last 10 years - with no signs of slowing down. With Eirene’s pre-arrangements, you lock in today’s price for our services in the future. Accessing your funeral insurance needs through our platform is entirely self-serve. That means no upselling or sales tactics.

Our insurance product helps you cover any funeral costs at Eirene and lock in the price of our package now, helping you avoid rising funeral costs.

Going Beyond Life Insurance.

While many Canadians have purchased a life insurance policy, there are some differences between funeral insurance and life insurance. While the beneficiary of your life insurance policy can certainly put some of the proceeds they receive towards paying off your funeral or cremation, these funds are generally meant to be allotted for covering your survivor's broader needs.

From living expenses, income replacement and more, life insurance is meant to help those the deceased leaves behind with peace of mind for their day-to-day living. It also can take several weeks to receive any funds from life insurance upon the loss of a loved one.

Final expense insurance, on the other hand, pays out within 48 hours and is meant to be spent specifically on any funeral arrangements. This means that the burden of carrying any costs associated with a funeral or cremation needs will not be on your loved one, and they can immediately access any insurance funds that you have set aside for them.

You Get to Choose.

No matter how you wish to be memorialized: with a wake, a celebration of life or nothing at all, there are still expenses to consider. You will need to be cremated or buried, both of which carry their own costs.

For example, you may choose a memorial or a celebration of life over a traditional funeral. Someone in your life, a loved one or a partner will have to carry the costs of arranging and hosting the memorial. Costs can range depending on caterers and the space they hold the memorial at and more.

Let Eirene manage your, or your loved one’s cremation so you can take the time to plan a fitting memorial.

Funeral insurance can help alleviate these costs. Start pre-arranging today.

How does it work?

Step 1: Entering some vital details with us on the Eirene website. This is where you lock in your Eirene cremation package price.

Step 2: From here, we securely connect you with our partners at TruStage, where you can purchase your funeral insurance safely and securely. You can purchase online, but we are also here to help you as you need it.

Step 3: Following your purchase of funeral insurance with our partner, TruStage, you will complete and sign the documentation needed for final arrangements with Eirene. The process is entirely online and easy to navigate.

Step 4: When you or your loved one passes, we confirm your coverage and proceed with the cremation, at the original price that was guaranteed to you upon policy purchase.

Step 5: Once we confirm your coverage, your policy is paid out to Eirene within 48 hours to pay for the final arrangements. After paying out your funeral arrangement funds, any leftover funds are paid out to the beneficiary of the policy. This could be a family member or the estate depending on who you have designated upon signing up.

What makes Eirene and TruStage different

Eirene and TruStage are excited to provide Canadians everywhere with the first digital pre-need product of its kind in North America.

We provide you with everything you need with our self-serve option. This means that you are in control of choosing the product that's right for you, and we're here to help.

Feel more comfortable chatting with someone offline? We can help you via phone or entirely online depending on what works best for you. Contact us today to learn how you can lock in your Eirene price and plan for the future.

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